Personal Management Merit badge
By Joel Zabriskie
Mar 05, 2015

Financial Transparency and the Council’s Budget Process

Recently we completed a second survey of Scouters and LDS Church Leaders. The overwhelming question among them centered on finance, so we have asked several contributors to help explain the process. This first article comes to us from Joel Zabriskie. I have known him for years as both the Council Commissioner and as a local LDS […]

Varsity Scout Logo
By Mat Greenfield
Mar 05, 2015

Hey, What are those Orange Shoulder Loops?

The BSA 4-1-1 task force recently confirmed that Varsity Scouting would not be going away. Varsity Scouting is the program for 14-15 year old young men, and is the activity arm of the Teacher’s Quorum. Identified by the distinctive orange shoulder loops, the BSA worked with the LDS Church to develop the program specifically for the 14–15 age […]

sm patch
By Darryl Alder
Mar 04, 2015

New Scoutmaster Survival Kit

Years ago, as a new Scoutmaster, I needed a commissioner to get me through the first few weeks of the job, but there wasn’t one. I was recently married and moved into my parents’ LDS Ward. Having just gotten back from Wood Badge, you’d think becoming a Scoutmaster would not be a problem. But there it […]

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By Annaleis Smith
Mar 03, 2015

Key to Cub Scout Transition is Planning!

Planning for the new Cub Scout program just might be the key to transitioning smoothly from the old (current) Cub Scout program into the new.   While talking with many of you over the past few months at Roundtables, Cub Scout leader Pow Wows and most recently at University of Scouting, there still tends to […]

Voice of the Scout
By Darryl Alder
Mar 02, 2015

Your Opinion Matters: 2015 Voice of the Scout

Calling all volunteers, parents and Scouts! The Voice of the Scout (VOS) survey is headed your way this week. It will only take a few minutes, yet the collective perspective given by participants will help drive relevant and impactful decisions for months and years to come. Over 600,000 responses have been collected since VOS began and this insight […]

Bednar Quote
By Darryl Alder
Feb 27, 2015

New Social Media Certification for Scouts and Leaders

It’s an exciting time to be part of the BSA for many reasons, not least of which is social media. Every day current and past Scouts and Scouters connect to share their interests. At the same time those interested in participating in Scouting look in through the window of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube at what’s up: Packs show off […]

By Steven Sutherland
Feb 27, 2015

Be Prepared to Go on a Mission and Teach Others—A Mission President’s Insights for Scouts

I would like to give each Scout some advice that I think will help you become a well-prepared, successful, happy missionary when you arrive in the mission field. Preparing for your mission is one of Six Pillars that parents, Church, and Utah National Parks Council Scout leaders want to help you achieve. Scouting can open a whole new world […]

By Ken Cluff
Feb 26, 2015

Beyond the Eagle—Varsity Scout Awards

Varsity Scouting has awards that distinguish it from other BSA programs. Pictured below are some of these awards that are only available to Varsity Scouts and their leaders. The Varsity Scout letter is awarded to team members who participate in an “ultimate adventure.” Ultimate adventures are based on high-adventure or sports program features and are […]

inspired boy feature
By Melany Gardner
Feb 25, 2015

Is the Boy Scouts of America an inspired program? A Challenge to all seekers of truth

In a recent article, the question was raised about “What is the REAL problem with Scouting in the LDS Church.” People of every opinion flooded the comments section, sharing their view and experience on the subject with great passion. As the comments came in at an unexpected rate, all I could imagine was Dr. Frankenstein […]

Webelos Scout Transition
By LDS-BSA Relationships
Feb 25, 2015

Eleven-year-old Scouting Program Changes and You

In May of 2015 elements of the Cub Scout program will be changing that will affect you as an eleven-year-old Scout leader [and] …you will want to be aware of the changes and new requirements in both programs to better plan, align, and execute your Scouting program as newly designed. Understanding the Changes in the […]

Duty to God
By Community Submission
Feb 24, 2015

Religion in Scouting

More than two years ago  Mat Greenfield wrote “The REAL Problem with Scouting in the LDS Church” on his own blog, Scouting Liahona. With permission we reposted this last Sunday, with quite a response: more than 60,000 views and 4300 shares. Of course as an editor, I most interested in the 200 comments on our own blog.  One […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Feb 24, 2015

Cub Scout Advancement Policy – Adventure Loops and Pins

    The launch of the new Cub Scout adventure program is fast approaching. Printed materials (handbooks, den leader guides, etc.) are on track for delivery to local council Scout Shops by May 1st and the adventure insignia for program recognition will be delivered 30-60 days later.   As these new adventure loops and pins […]