eagle ring
By Jim Bethel
Oct 19, 2014

Nephi was an Eagle Scout

While reading the Book of Mormon a few years ago, I was once again impressed with the young man we know as Nephi. All Latter Day Saints are familiar with his heroics. That got me to thinking that the Church should create some kind of award for young men that emulate Nephi, something in addition [...]

By Darryl Alder
Oct 16, 2014

Scout Cycling Program Introduced!

Since 1911, hundreds of thousands of Scouts have made the most of their two-wheel adventures by earning the Cycling Merit Badge. Like everything else from Cub Scouting to Venturing in the BSA’s program family, there are age specific adventures waiting for each group, from Cub Scout Bike Rodeos to Venturing Cycling/Mountain Biking (Ranger Award elective) requirements [...]

box store
By Ann Shumway
Oct 15, 2014

Resourcefulness Games for Kids

Being resourceful means having the ability to approach a problem in different ways. It requires the ability to be creative and to pursue a solution from more than one direction. Resourcefulness is not a built-in ability, but is learned over time through a variety of experiences. To develop this skill in children, expose them to [...]

mountain board
By Ken Cluff
Oct 11, 2014

High Adventure Mountainboarding

The best high-adventure treks are planned, and carried out by our Varsity Scout youth. This high-adventure activity on mountain boarding can provide positive learning experiences to help your young men to mature and to prepare them to become responsible adults. Encourage your Varsity Scout youth to seek out these programs; it’s what keeps them high [...]

By Lee Hansen
Oct 10, 2014


We hear a lot today about “STEM.” Most of us know the letters stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.” But why STEM? Is there an underlying connection among these fields that leads us to meld them into an acronym? Or was the conglomeration one of convenience, driven solely by economics? STEM represents a field [...]

Ready Project
By Darryl Alder
Oct 09, 2014

Be Prepared—The Motto of a Boy Scout

Growing up a Scout we used to sing a song about being prepared: Be prepared, prepared, prepared, the motto of the Boy Scouts. Be prepared, prepared, prepared, the motto of a Scout. A Scout, a Scout, the motto of a good Scout. A Scout, a Scout, the motto of a Scout! Sing that enough times, [...]

Alumni Patch
By Boy Scouts of America
Oct 06, 2014

Scouting Alumni Association

The Scouting Alumni Association welcomes everyone positively and personally impacted by the Boy Scouts of America—former Scouts, family members of Scouts past and present, volunteers past and present, and the millions of Americans who benefit from Scouting in their communities every day—to join today.By joining the Scouting Alumni Association, you’ll stay up to speed on [...]

Strength of Service BSA Version
By Larry Coppock
Oct 05, 2014

Raise Up A Child

Proverbs 22:6 says, “Raise up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” (KJV).   Evan Hunsberger’s upbringing epitomizes the essence of this Proverbs verse. Evan, a thirteen-year-old Life Scout in 1999, frequently watched his grandfather Eugene read from a pocket-size WWII-era devotional book, Strength [...]

By Community Submission
Oct 03, 2014

For Kids, Self-Control Factors Into Future Success

(This article is part of an on going series from Learning for Life, a character development program that BSA established to help teach Scouting’s values in schools)  Self-control keeps us from eating a whole bag of chips or from running up the credit card. A new study says that self-control makes the difference between getting a [...]

VS Guide
By Darryl Alder
Oct 02, 2014

Varsity Vision

A Varsity Scout leader-specific training course was held last week for over 80 participants at Maple Dell. The course used the new Varsity Vision leader-specific training syllabus. Of course, the weather was perfect, thanks to the Quartermasters. The course began Friday evening and lasted overnight until about 2:30 Saturday. All of the youth attending (this [...]

hispanic scouts
By Annaleis Smith
Sep 30, 2014

Cub Scouts to use the Scout Oath and Law

(Part 3 of a series about the new Cub Scout Adventure Program) The Scout Oath – Boy Scouts have been saying it for years.  Varsity and Venturing Scouts make the switch this year.  And next year the “One Oath, One Law” initiative will be complete. When the New Cub Scout Adventure program rolls out next [...]