By Ken Cluff
Nov 21, 2014

Training For Varsity Scout Leaders

Training courses traditionally offered in a classroom setting are now available through the e-Learning site over the internet. This allows you to take training courses online at your convenience and bookmark your place in a course thereby allowing you to return at a later date and complete the course.  WhatMakesATrainedLeader To be fully trained and earn […]

By Bryan Wendell
Nov 18, 2014

Why Wood Badge?

Volunteers expect fun and fellowship at a Wood Badge course, but much more awaits. Read on about how this training session helps new-to-Scouting adults lead more successful packs, troops and crews. NO UMBRELLA-TOPPED drinks served poolside. No quality time with your Kindle. No seaweed body wraps, no room service, no hot-stone massages. Is Wood Badge a […]

By Darryl Alder
Nov 17, 2014

STEM and Scouting

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are considered by most people to be the basis of an advanced civilization. In many environments—including political, governmental, and academic—the strength of the STEM workforce is regarded as an indicator of a nation’s ability to maintain itself in an ever changing future. Involving our youth members in science, technology, […]

By Community Submission
Nov 17, 2014

Scout camps now open to all

Scout camps aren’t just for Boy Scouts. Sanpete County residents can especially take advantage of Tifie Boy Scout Camp—a full-featured summer camp located in Utah’s beautiful Sanpete Valley in the foothills just east of Mt. Pleasant. Camp Tifie is part of the 600-acre Mountain Dell Scout Ranch. Located at just under 9,000 feet above sea […]

By Darryl Alder
Nov 16, 2014

Scouting Pillars of Communication to Reach LDS Leaders

Published first in June and again in our Strategic Plan, the Six Scouting Pillars of Communication continue to guide both volunteers and staff as they try ever harder to reach LDS. When you look back at comments regarding this research for the first article in June (or overhear it as I did in the hall last week), it […]

Program Features
By Darryl Alder
Nov 15, 2014

Using the New “Program Features for Troops, Teams and Crews”

We have been waiting for many months now, but it’s here: Volume 1 of Program Features for troops, Teams and Crews—a Guide to Program Planning. This compilation  has sixteen program features divided into six program groups, including these subjects: Outdoor Programs –  Camping –  Climbing and Rappelling –  Geocaching –  Hiking –  Outdoor Ethics – […]

PTC Jacket Patch - 2006
By Joanne Reinertson
Nov 14, 2014

The Power and Impact of Training on Young Men

I was called to serve as stake president in November of 2004. I came to this assignment with a long history of church service and I had experienced and learned many things from that service. As I embarked on the ominous task of learning my new responsibilities, I realized that my past service had not prepared me in […]

tent in snow
By Ken Cluff
Nov 14, 2014

Winter Tent Camping (Part 2)

(This part two of a two part series. Click here for part one.) Preparing the campsite After you have reached the place where you want to camp for the night, use your snowshoes to pack down the snow in the spot where you’re going to pitch the tent. You may want to take the time to build a […]

By Boy Scouts of America
Nov 13, 2014

Troop Annual Program Planning

Here’s a letter for your Troop; follow it and become a great troop! Dear Committee Chair, Scoutmaster, and Senior Patrol Leader: Let’s talk about one of the key elements of all successful troops and an indicator of a potentially successful year. Of course that would be the troop’s annual program plan and planning conference. Research conducted […]

venturing logo
By Boy Scouts of America
Nov 12, 2014

Time Management Strategies from Some Brilliant Teenage Prodigies

These busy scientists may only be 17, but their ability to manage their time efficiently has helped them win some major props. Here’s how you too can rock at managing your time better. Every year, the Intel Science Talent Search brings 40 teenage scientists to Washington, D.C., to showcase their research. The projects are impressive. Eric Chen, for […]

$_57 (1)
By Andrew Olsen
Nov 11, 2014

1966 Mustang up for bid

Hey Scouters! Do you like classic Ford Mustangs? The Utah National Parks Council has a unique opportunity for you or someone you may know to support Scouting in our council. Last year ago a strong supporter of Scouting donated a 1966 Ford Mustang to the Council. Thanks to work done by the Utah Auto Body Association and […]

Daily Herald
By Daily Herald
Nov 11, 2014

Kennard: Scouting a big part of community paper

One of the great things about building a community paper every day is that we get to celebrate the accomplishments of our residents. A few months ago we introduced an improved Our Towns sections that was much more focused on local news — including news about Boy Scouts. As many of you know, I’m a […]

Tasha DeKock picture
By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 10, 2014

Tasha DeKock Joins Council Staff

Tasha DeKock, our newest staff member joined the Council team early in November. She is a motivated and experienced executive, specializing in fundraising organization, volunteer management, membership recruitment and event coordination, coming to us from the Denver Area Council, Boy Scouts of America where she served as a Senior District Executive for the past three years. In […]

By Joanne Reinertson
Nov 10, 2014

Just One More Step and I’m Through

Okay, just one more step and I’m through. I can’t make it, I’m too tired. Exhaustion is taking over, my hips and collar bone hurt. I can’t bear it – wait, why am I still going? How are my swollen feet, twisted ankle, and sore legs still carrying me? I’m leading everyone, how can I give up now? […]

By Scouting Magazine
Nov 10, 2014

Use Winter to Help Your Venturers Earn the Ranger Award

Nothing attracts young people to Venturing as much as the outdoors adventure, and nothing demonstrates a Venturer’s outdoor expertise as much as the Ranger Award. Thinking back to my youth I craved the activities that this program offers, which include eight challenging core requirements and 18 electives: Core Requirements First Aid Emergency Preparedness Leave No Trace […]