By Madison Austin
Jun 17, 2019

The Camping Resources you will Need After 2019

We know, the transition to community-sponsored Scouting seems daunting. But lucky for you, the Council has plenty of resources to help you stay on track. Especially when it comes to camping, you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply reach out to your district executive or the Council Help Desk to start building a program that fits your group.

And for Latter-day youth groups, our Council properties can continue to support your needs, even after 2019. Our camps aren’t just for Scouts! Keep reading to learn how you can take advantage of our programs, activities, and awesome outdoor locations.

Camping for Scouts Transitioning to Community Units

If you currently are, or plan to be, a part of a community unit, one of the first things you will need to do is plan out your year’s adventures. Planning your ideal year of Scouting helps you determine how much fundraising you will need to do and allows you to get a head start on booking your camping adventures.

When it comes to camping, summer Scout camp is the most popular adventure units attend, although we have multiple year-round adventures available as well.

Using our Council properties makes Scout camp easy for you. Not only do we have 13 unique locations throughout Utah, we can also provide all of the staff, programming, and activities. You can even choose to include meal plans if you want to avoid the hassle of meal planning and prep. This means minimal effort on your part. Scout camp could not get easier!

From the red-rock desert of Moab to the high-altitude wilderness of Beaver, you can choose what location, amenities and programs speak to you and will best fit your unit’s needs.

Check out our different locations, the amenities and programs offered, and determine what camp is best for your unit HERE.

Camping for Latter-day Youth

For Latter-day youth and leaders, camping will continue to be a part of your activities through the Church’s new youth program. And whether you’re planning activity nights this summer or looking on to next year’s campouts, we can help you find the perfect outdoor locations to host your youth.

Take advantage of existing facilities, high adventure activities and meal planning to create the best atmosphere for a fun and spiritual time with your youth. Design your own program and activities according to your needs and interest with elements such as pavilions, amphitheaters, campfires, handcarts, and indoor meeting locations.

If you are interested in planning an outdoor activity, check out the opportunities and resources the Council can offer.

Activity Days Girls’ Camp at Camp Jeremiah Johnson

Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council 

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