By Madison Austin
Jun 05, 2019

Scout Fundraising Basics – All You Need to Know to Get Started and Fund your Ideal Year

Where will your next Scouting adventure take you? You’re limited only by your imagination — and, yes, your budget. Scouting has many expenses, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from planning your dream year of Scouting. With these Council-approved fundraising options, you can earn the funds you need for your unit’s ideal year!

Scout Popcorn Sales

The Scout popcorn fundraiser – it doesn’t get more classic than that. And while popcorn is a well-known fundraiser for most Scouts across the nation, it may be new to many in our Council. As units transition away from Church sponsorship, the popcorn fundraiser is going to become an important aspect of your money-earning efforts this year.

Popcorn is a year-round fundraiser, which makes fundraising easy to jump right into, especially for newly-formed units. You can also choose to sell door-to-door or online, which is another reason this fundraiser can help even the busiest of units make enough money to fund their Scouting adventures.

Click HERE to start your popcorn fundraiser today.

Learn more about how and why you should start selling popcorn:

Scout Starving Student Cards

Our Council has teamed up with Starving Student Cards, which is a discount card packed with hundreds of dollars of free stuff and over $4,000 in discounts which helps families save money on things they are already using. You can sell cards to friends, families, and neighbors.

Many units have even received permission from grocery stores to let their Scouts stand out front and promote the cards to shoppers. Just like Girl Scouts can sell cookies, Boy Scouts can use this method to sell lots of cards quick.

Scout Starving Student Cards sell for just $20 and 75 percent of it goes back to Scouting! $10 of every card stays with the unit and $5 goes back to local Scouting. 

This is an awesome and easy way to earn funds so your unit can pay for summer camp, Scouting gear, NYLT, awards, and more. The money that stays with your unit is yours to spend on your ideal year of Scouting.

Visit the Orem Scout Office or email to pick up your cards and start selling today!

Learn more about Scout Starving Student Cards here:

Additional Unit Fundraisers

Fundraisers conducted through the Council, like the ones mentioned above, are a no-brainer. They’ve already been reviewed, meaning they follow all BSA rules and regulations.

However, some Scout units like to earn additional funds for Scouting by supplementing those projects with their own. That’s fine, provided you follow this list of fundraising do’s and don’ts. It comes from Russ McNamer, the BSA’s associate general counsel for all things taxes.

Fundraising do’s

  1. Do file a unit money-earning project application for approval by both the local council and the chartering organization. Submit this application to your council service center at
    least two weeks in advance of the proposed date of your project.
  2. Do check local laws regarding solicitation rules and permits.
  3. Do select money-earning projects that are suited to the ages and abilities of youth participants.
  4. Do select money-earning projects that teach youth members to earn their own way.
  5. Do follow safe practices listed in the Guide to Safe Scouting.

Fundraising don’ts

  1. Don’t solicit funds in the name of Scouting; only local councils have the authority to solicit funds.
  2. Don’t conduct unit money-earning projects without adequate adult supervision.
  3. Don’t forget to use the buddy system, and don’t go into unsafe or unfamiliar areas.
  4. Don’t conduct unit money-earning projects after dark or in unsafe pedestrian areas.
  5. Don’t sell fireworks as a unit money-earning project. That’s an unauthorized activity.

Learn more about unit fundraisers and find out why you might not even need a unit money-earning project HERE.

Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Specialist, Utah National Parks Council 

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