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By Madison Austin
Mar 05, 2019

Become a Scouting Ambassador Today, Bring Scouting to your Community Tomorrow

Are you looking to bring Scouting to more families in your community? Do you know of any youth who want to continue Scouting after 2019? Or maybe you just know of a local business who would make a great chartered partner. If this sounds like you, or you just want to be involved in making the future of Scouting bright, we want to invite you to become a Scouting Ambassador

Scouting Ambassadors should be active in their local communities, know business and community leaders, and have a passion and the means to help Scouting move forward.

scouting ambassador

What is a Scouting Ambassador?

A Scouting Ambassador is someone who can help identify other adults and other youth who want to continue in Scouting past 2019 and spread the word about what is currently happening in Scouting. A Scouting Ambassador is someone with connections to or information about organizations or community members who would be interested in sponsoring a Scouting unit. Ambassadors also are there to help families as they transition from Church partners to community partners.

Becoming a Scouting Ambassador does not mean you end up in unit leadership (unless you want to, of course). This also does not have to be a lifetime position. A Scouting Ambassador can choose to serve for a short period of time, especially during this time of transition. 

Why Become a Scouting Ambassador? 

With the Church’s recent announcement, it is more important now than ever to bring Scouting to youth and families who could benefit from it. Continuing Scouting in Utah relies heavily on the support from volunteers like you. 

Becoming a Scouting Ambassador means that you value what the Scouting program has given you and in return, you want to pay it forward and give the gift of Scouting to someone else. 

As a Scouting Ambassador, you are the face of Scouting. Your relationships, your connections and your ability to work with religious organizations, clubs, and community organizations make Scouting possible for thousands of youth.

What Does a Scouting Ambassador Do?

As a Scouting ambassador you’ll:

1. Find families interested in continuing the Scouting adventure
2. Get Educated
3. Identify Chartered Organizations and meeting places

Essentially, you will take what you’ve learned in Scouting and continue to do it in order to support the creation of new chartered organizations and units. 

And while there are many tasks you could take on as an ambassador, this is a completely voluntary position and any help or effort you can give to the Scouting community will be greatly appreciated. 

Finding Chartered Organizations

A critical part of this role is to meet with your potential chartered organizations, inform them of the changes facing our organization, and inspire them to join us on this journey. We must remind them of the benefits of Scouting to their communities and to their organizations. Ultimately, we want to work with them to start new packs and dens, troops, crews, and ships to serve the entire family.

While there are many things to consider, perhaps the most important are the relationships we forge with our chartered organizations. We simply cannot serve youth without their sponsorship and support.

Become a Scouting Ambassador

If you would like to give back to the Scouting community and get involved, click here to be contacted about becoming a Scouting Ambassador.

Learn more at our Scouting Ambassador page.


Author: Utah National Parks Council

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