By Nicole Balmforth
Mar 11, 2019

Why and How to Order Online

If you haven’t heard, we are focusing on online ordering outside of the Utah Valley. We believe this change will not affect any of your purchases due to the large availability of online products. The National Scout shop and Council Trading Post is a great resource for all outdoor gear and Scouting purchases and online ordering. That means getting all of your Scouting supplies just got easier. Check out why this new focus on online ordering will simplify your life and how you can get started. 

Why Order Online

We have four Scout shops that service all of the Scouting families in our Council. However, we understand that our Council covers a large geographic area. And with only four brick-and-mortar locations in that area, it is not always convenient for a busy family to drive out to the nearest shop every time they need a new patch, pin or uniform. While our online ordering system has existed for quite a while, we have come to understand that ordering online in this technological age is easier and better than ever. Our online ordering process makes it so that you don’t even have to leave your home. 

If you are still interested in coming into the Scout office to purchase your Scouting needs, these are our current locations:

  • Orem
  • Vernal
  • St. George
  • Cedar City

In Orem’s Scout office, we even have an Outdoor Center in our Scout store. The Outdoor Center gives advice on cool, fun hiking trails and there’s even the option to rent gear. 

Online Advancement Ordering

Scouting units within the Utah National Parks Council can now order Scouting advancement and recognition items online, and have the items either shipped directly to your home!

Remember, before ordering, you must submit your advancement records to the online Advancement system in order for the advancements to be officially recognized by the BSA. For more information on how to do this, click here.

If this is your first time watch this brief training video on how to order your advancements online:

*Please note: The front page of our website has changed. The link to online advancement ordering can now be found at the bottom of the main webpage under “Supplies.” 

How to Order Online from the Council Trading Post

In order to help facilitate our large council, we’ve created an online store where Scouting purchases can be made. The Trading Post offers a variety of items that are council specific. From patches, memorabilia, awards, camp shirts, and more, you can get it all right online. You just click on the correlating section under the Trading Post heading on our website and purchase your item. The online store section offers:

  • Pins and Patches
  • Awards
  • Scout Starving Student cards

Click here to purchase Scouting items.

Boy Scouts of America Amazon 

Do you love using Amazon? We do too! There is now a Boy Scouts of America Amazon storefront where you can purchase Pinewood Derby, Jamboree and Scouting gear. Purchasing Scouting items is now even easier on a platform that you all know and love. 

And don’t forget to use AmazonSmile every time you checkout to support local Scouting. 

Click here to browse and purchase gear.


Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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