By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 01, 2017

Major Council Objectives for 2017

Narrow FrameEach year the Council  add new goals to its strategic plan. For 2017 these are:

1- Improve the older boy program

  • Hold five Little Philmonts – Be true to the central message
  • Train all Key 3s in the Little Philmont messages – All on same page
  • Use Little Philmont messages in all trainings and youth discussions

2- Maintain Financial Sustainability 

  • Raise same ratio of FOS funds to registered boys as in 2016-17
  • Improve usage of camps by 10%
  • Capital Campaign 2017
  • Double the service at camps expected of visiting groups from 2016

3- Scuba HikersProvide Additional Training Tools for Adult Leaders 

  • Perfect and implement “Training Status Tracker” by end Q1
  • Complete Cubs, Scoutmaster, Varsity, Venturing and Bishopric Training modules
  • Special effort to connect Stake Primary Presidents to training programs and camps
  • On-Line registration will be used for all adults and boys new in scouting in all wards (units) by September 1, 2017.

    Strategic Plan

    2017 Goals 

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