By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 01, 2017

Core Values of Council Committees

The promise of Scouting is to instill in all youth the values of the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, to prepare them for life’s challenges, and to develop the leadership potential each one possesses. To this end, our vision is one of delivering the program of Scouting through our districts to units, meeting the needs of our chartered partners, and providing the funds and facilities to accomplish this.

  • FrameUnit Service: Coach and mentor district volunteers and chartered partners in integrating the Journey to Excellence (JTE) program into the fabric of council Scouting.
  • Finance: Build on a proven fundraising process that effectively funds Scouting operations and capital needs for the quality Scouting program we desire.
  • Membership: All youth within the Council’s geographic area are offered the opportunity to participate in Scouting’s programs.
  • Program: Assist district volunteers in serving the four Scouting families (Venturing, Varsity Scouting, Boy Scouting, and Cub Scouting)  and five program areas (Learning for Life, Camping and Outdoor Program, Activities and Civic Service, Training, and Advancement and Recognition.
  • Relationships: Strengthen the positive feelings towards Scouting held by members of the LDS Church; the Council’s largest chartering organization.
  • District Operations: Assist District Key 3s to strengthen the positive feelings towards Scouting held by members of the LDS Church. Recruit, train, and, maintain a complete and functioning District Committee.
  • Boarding and teepeesAsset Management: Managing the tangible assets of our council in a manner that broadens their use, keeps them cost-effective, and ensures program effectiveness.
  • Marketing: Communicating the values of Scouting to our various audiences, plus putting forth efforts to build these values into the lives of its members.
  • Administration: Administering various behind-the-scenes functions  (budget, long range Scuba Hikersplanning, etc.)  that keep the council moving forward and on track.
  • Nominating Committee:  Select a slate of council leaders who are responsible for achieving the council objectives of ensuring that every unit and district are on the “Journey to Excellence,” thereby increasing the effectiveness of Scouting in youth member’s lives, 

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