By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 01, 2017

Council Customer Segments

LDS Leadership:  Area Seventies, Stake Presidents and Bishops are proven leaders that have a history of contributing their time, talents, and resources to promoting the mission of Scouting.  They provide Council leadership and are capable of representing the Council in their LDS Coordinating Council.   They need clear and concise communication and parallel and consistent support from their sponsoring organizations.

District Leadership: These Scouters provide support to our units and chartered partners in the way of training, programs, communication and program tools.  They need positive reinforcement and resources from the Council.

Unit Committees:  These behind the scenes volunteers provide invaluable support to the unit leaders and need clear and user friendly support systems.

Market SegmentsUnits:  These are our sponsoring partners.  They need adequate and frequent support from their districts and the council in the form of training, program and properties to assist them in delivering the promise of Scouting.

Young Men:  These Venturers, Scouts and Cub are eager to learn, full of enthusiasm and desire adventure. They want to learn to let and be left to do it.  They need an opportunity to participate in the full Scouting program.  They deserve exemplary and fully trained leaders.  They need advancement opportunities and quality youth-led programs in superior outdoor venues.

Young Women and the Family:  Young women are desirous to take advantage Scouting programs and facilities.  This population, along with siblings and parents, need greater access to our camps and other services.


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