By Stan Lockhart
Jul 20, 2015

Girls at BSA Camps

If you respond to this headline with a “What is the Utah National Parks Council doing?” and “Are you crazy?”, you wouldn’t be the first. Traditionally, our BSA camps are for Boy Scouts.Girls at Camp6

About two years ago, our UNPC public relations volunteer, Rushford Lee, donated to us a survey of our Charter Partners. The returned feedback said we were providing some value, but truly not meeting Partner needs. We made several changes designed to meet those needs, but one response we saw over and over was that we were not providing adequate outdoor activities for their youth.Girls at Camp4

If there is one thing BSA is known for, it is outdoor activities for boys. We followed up on these responses to find out more. By only helping young men, we were not helping our Partners provide outdoor activities for all of their youth.

We always talk about be customer-focused. But in a true customer-focused organization, you don’t just say to your customer, “Your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you.” Instead, you meet their needs.Girls at Camp3

So we did what our Chartered Partners asked and began offering camping opportunities to girls, too. So far, we only have small numbers of young women attending camp, but that number is growing. The feedback we receive is universally positive. The girls are having a great time. Whether on the Wipeout course on a lake or rifle shooting or rock climbing, girls are proving they can keep up with anyone.Girls at Camp1

If you sponsor a Boy Scout unit, you are a Chartered Partner. If you have girls who are a part of your organization, you are welcome to sign them up and bring them to a BSA UNPC camp. Feel free to contact me at or 801-368-2166, if I can provide any additional information to you.



Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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