By McKenna Hunt
Jul 03, 2017

Just Serve with JustServe

Have you heard of the wonderful service website called JustServe? Found at, this website exists throughout the United States and recently began publishing volunteer service projects in the state of Utah. Through this website, Scouting units and individuals can easily find projects where they can help civic, religious, and other organizations needing volunteer service.

Research confirms that service increases self-esteem, reduces stress, combats depression, and leads to a longer life. It encourages skill development, allows for career exploration, develops interpersonal communication skills, and provides opportunities for volunteers to network, making valuable connections. Service fosters a sense of social responsibility and provides ways to express gratitude by giving back, all valuable character-building attributes that support the Scout Oath.

Because our Scouts are preparing to become good husbands, fathers, community leaders, and many are preparing to serve missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  We heartily endorse the use of the JustServe website to find and fulfill service opportunities. It is such a privilege for all of us to be members and leaders in the Boy Scouts of America’s Utah National Parks Council. We are encouraged to do our duty by helping other people at all times. We know that through service, we are doing our duty to God and our nation.

Not only a valuable resource for Scouts, JustServe can provide new avenues for missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Missionaries are encouraged to give up to 10 hours a week of voluntary community service to fill their lives with joy and empower them emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Service provides regular opportunities for missionaries to express their love and devotion to the Savior while getting out into the community, building bridges of trust, and respect.

Since 1913, Scouts in Utah have rendered tens of millions of hours of service and have given valuable contributions for the betterment of our state, communities, and families living in Utah and elsewhere. Think of what our Council could do if our Scouts and leaders, numbering over 130,000, were able to contribute at least 10 hours of service this year? Our community would benefit from over 1,300,000 hours of service to those in need.

We encourage every Scout, and leader to contribute at least 10 hours of service, and hopefully more, this year with projects found on As you go, take family and friends with you and contribute to the success of each project. Through our trust in God, our prayer as Scouts is that through our good examples and efforts we can truly make our communities, state, and nation a better place for all, giving each person a better chance in life for success, joy, and happiness.

Best wishes in your service!


Michael Neider | President, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America


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