By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 01, 2017

Messages for use with LDS Leaders

Two studies, by RED Research, over two years has yielded these “Six Pillars of Being Prepared” for Communication with LDS Leaders

Scout in thought1-   Testimony

Be prepared by developing a testimony of Christ and of the gospel while doing our duty to God and our country.  In the survey one stake leader described it this way:  “Bearing our testimonies around the campfire: If we take our young men to outdoor activities and forget to have them bear their testimonies around the fire, we’ve missed the purpose of Scouting.”  

Service2- Service

Be prepared through personal growth and learning to serve others through charity and doing a good turn daily.  In the survey another stake leader said:  “There are life learning experiences in an outdoor environment with other boys and men that give the boys a unique experience outside of the home that support what’s going on inside the home.”

33- Mission Prep

Prepare to go on a mission and teach others by preparing through the Scouting program as the activity arm of the priesthood. A stake leader described it this way:  “Life is full of difficult experiences. Teaching resilience in the early years is very helpful preparation for missions, marriage and parenthood.”

44-  Confidence

Be prepared by learning to do hard things. A young man will gain confidence, learn leadership skills and prepare for the future as a son of God.One survey participant offered:  “Learning how to do hard things, gain confidence and preparing for the future.”

Men like these5- Life Skills

Be prepared to be good fathers and husbands by following the examples of men, such as our Scout leaders, the bishopric, our prophets and the Savior.  One Stake leader explained it this way: “To develop young men through faith in God, hard work, problem solving, achievement, and character-building activities.”


Be prepared by learning who we are as Scouts and sons of God by keeping ourselves physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight, understanding our true nature as a son of God. Finally to quote one more Stake leader: “Many young men don’t have the opportunity to connect with others. They don’t have strong family ties, they may not make friends easily, don’t fit in well at school. Scouting provides an atmosphere where the kids can fit in with their peers. Our leaders try and do a variety of activities that interest all of the boys. Gives leadership a chance to reach the one.”

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