By Utah National Parks Council
Jan 01, 2017

Council Committees Roles

FrameUnit Service:  Provide the level of coaching and mentoring required to integrate Journey to Excellence throughout the council. Be prepared to assist with bringing about a robust, activity-based Roundtable experience in all districts.

Finance:  Build a proven financial process that results in the needed operating and capital funds.

Membership:  Teach district volunteers to present Scouting’s opportunities to all youth within their districts helping them see the advantage in doing so.

Program:  Be prepared at all times to support district program (camping and outdoor program, activities and civic service, training and advancement and recognition) committees, and be planned well into the future to provide advanced training opportunities, especially those sponsored by LDS Stakes.

District Operations:  Develop successfully functioning district chairs and committees.

Asset Management:  Organize asset management around Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) principles providing state of the art camping facilities.

Marketing:  Develop an efficient communications system that promotes the values of  Scouting to all audiences .  Scouters and Cub ScoutAs to the LDS audience, define Scouting values in terms of these six pillars:

  1. Be prepared by developing a testimony of Christ (Testimony)
  2. Be prepared through personal growth (Personal Growth)
  3. Be prepared to be missionaries (Mission Prep)
  4. Be prepared by doing hard things (Confidence)
  5. Be prepared to be husbands and fathers (Life Prep)
  6. Be prepared by being physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight (Scout Oath)

Water Toys saluteRelationships:  Using the six pillars identified in Marketing to strengthen the relationship between BSA and the LDS Church, while serving the other chartered partners.

Administration: Produce an updated Strategic Plan for the council, draft a 10 year strategic plan, draft budgets in a timely fashion and mitigate risk.

Nominating Committee:  Selects a slate of council leaders who will be responsible for achieving the council objectives of ensuring that every unit and district are on the “Journey to Excellence,” thereby increasing the effectiveness of Scouting in every youth member’s life. Additionally, it will maintain lists of potential candidates and meet periodically throughout the year to assess those candidates and using a 10 year strategic plan, steer the nominating committee through the selection of Executive Board members to accomplish that plan.

Core Values of Council Committees

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