By Stan Lockhart
Aug 03, 2015

Been to the Scout office lately?

The Utah National Parks Council is the larges council in the BSA with over 84,000 youth and 42,000 adult volunteers

The Utah National Parks Council is the largest council in the BSA with almost 90,000 youth and 45,000 adult volunteers.

As a part of our survey of our Chartered Partners, we found that some people were not getting the help they needed when they visited the Scout office. That was unacceptable. So our UNPC staff implemented some changes to ensure customers leave with a good experience.

We are changing the culture of the Scout Office to make you happy. You will notice a big change the minute you walk through our door. Volunteers1We now have greeters. Sometimes they open the door for you. They ask, “How can I help you?”  When you tell them, they guide you to the appropriate station and make sure someone takes charge of solving your problem.

We are now getting emails from satisfied customers commenting on how helpful our staff is. I have seen big smiles on the faces of customers walking out the door.

So come on into the Scout office and experience the difference. See if you feel like we are there to serve you. Then let us know how it went. You can reach me at or 801-368-2166.



Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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