By Stan Lockhart
Jun 22, 2015

Bringing Scout Registration and Rechartering into the 21st Century

recharter1One of the biggest points of “pain” for our chartered partners is registration and rechartering. Those who get the assignment in each unit find that we use 20th century methods that are cumbersome and frustrating. National BSA has been working on this issue for a number of years and we simply haven’t received needed results.

Recently, your Utah National Parks Council leaders met with National BSA representatives with a sense of urgency on this matter. Software development concept in tag cloud on white backgroundPossible solutions were discussed and we will aggressively follow up with National BSA.



While I hope to avoid conflict with National BSA, we have discussed recruiting a volunteer software development team to do it ourselves – a true “blessings in heaven” project.


If you’d like to discuss, you are welcome to contact me at 801-368-2166 or We intend to bring registration and rechartering into the 21st century.



Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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