By Stan Lockhart
Jul 27, 2015

My Son’s Scout Experience

I’m an Eagle Scout. I remember well the campouts, working on merit badges, an Eagle project and Board of Review. And I remember my Eagle Court of Honor. I had a Scoutmaster who was trained and committed. My Scout experiences help me become who I am today.

When my son entered Scouting, he was excited just like every other young man. He had great leaders. He advanced through the ranks. He learned to do hard things through camping and hiking and other experiences. He became much more confident in his abilities.Scoutmaster

There was a time where my son didn’t get along with a particular leader and I wasn’t sure he would stick with it. Shoot. I wasn’t sure the leader would stick with it. We all persevered and then it was time to do an Eagle project. To all those who struggle to find Eagle projects, there are so many acts of service that can qualify. Mostly, we want it to be real service, hopefully with some lasting value. We painted a Boys and Girls Club. It was a great learning experience for my son and he learned how to manage and complete a major project.

Board of ReviewThe Board of Review was tough, but aware of how nervous a young man is. They made my son feel like he really had to earn his Eagle when they were done with him.

At the Eagle Court of Honor, there is a pin a young man gives to the person who helped him most in his Eagle journey. He gave it to the leader he didn’t get along with. I watched him cry as he pinned it on and hug his leader and it occurred to me that in Boy Scouts it is about the journey and not about the award.Board of Review Badges

Today my son is serving a LDS Mission in Richmond VA. He does hard things. He is confident in his abilities. Where did he learn those things? Scouting played a big part.

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Author: Stan Lockhart | President, Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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