By Darryl Alder
Jan 01, 2017

Theme: “Becoming Men Like These”

“Becoming men like these” is the theme for our 2020 vision. It and the “Six Pillars of Scouting” have been developed through extensive research from RED. In this undertaking, researchers have interviewed hundreds of LDS Stake and Ward leaders and recorded their responses. The findings were sometimes hard to take, but in the end this message was born:

sacred fire

John McNaughton’s painting,” Sacred Fire” is the iconic symbol of the Utah national Parks council’s 2020 vision.

In Scouting, the boys are learning life skills, achieving confidence and gaining a testimony—all under the tutelage of men (or women) worthy of exemplification .  The theme refers to the examples of Scout leaders, fathers, and church leaders that mentor the boys by “Being With Them” during their time in Scouting.

“Being With Them” means just that, not running programs for them but enjoying quality, youth-led activities together. Of course, “Connecting Them to Heaven” is the natural outcome of a robust program where adult and youth relationships flourish.  

“Becoming Men Like These” can also apply to honorable men throughout history, such as George Washington, Baden-Powell or honorable folks in our community. People like Silver Beaver Award recipients for successful businessman, scientists, and philanthropists.

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