By Adrian
Jul 06, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Troop Needs Business Cards

I know it sounds a little odd to think of a Scout Troop having business cards, but actually, they can be quite a helpful tool.  And with services like VistaPrint or other online print services, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to obtain.  Our Troop has business cards as well as a trifold brochure that highlights all three of our Scouting units—Cubs, Scouts, and Ventures.

  1. They are great for recruiting.  I keep several of them in my purse, along with the business cards that I use for work and ones I use for my blog.  Any time I am talking to another parent about Scouting or I run across a teen of an appropriate age, it’s easy to be able hand them a business card that has all the information they need.  Having the information in a written form ensures that the info is consistent, correct, and complete.  No fumbling around for scraps of paper or scrounging for phone numbers.  They can see exactly where and when we meet, have contact info for our Scoutmaster, and have a few tidbits of information about the history and activities of our Troop.  For some reason, we didn’t include our website on ours, but I would certainly recommend including that information as well as your Troop’s Facebook page, if you have one.  Most people almost automatically check out an organization online before they will be willing to show up in person.
  2. They make a positive first impression for your Troop.  Think about it.  Why do professional people carry business cards?  It’s a long-standing tradition that everyone understands for exchanging information.  You probably wouldn’t have a lot of trust in a banker or real estate agent who didn’t own business cards.  We provide them to our Scouts and adults to give out at Roundtable meetings, Scouting Expo, or Summer camp—any activity where they are likely to be interacting with other Scouters or potential recruits for our program.  We also have a nice trifold brochure that we use for these events as well.  That one is more extensive and has info on all our Scouting programs—Cubs, Scouts, and Venture Crew, as well as some photos of campouts and other Troop activities.
  3. It might help you bring kids into your program that might not have joined otherwise.  If you have your cards with you and have your recruiting info all prepared, it might pave the way to approach other kids and speak to other parents that you would normally not think to approach. Scouting is such a great program that provides multiple benefits to our youth, so it makes sense to offer it to as many kids as we can.

Here are samples of our business cards – we chose to go with a two-sided format for a small extra cost through VistaPrint.  I was able to design them right on the website and then bring printed samples to our Adult Committee for approval before final printing.  The flag design was a stock choice available on the site.

3 Reasons Why Your Troop Needs Business Cards Blog.UtahScouts.Org


The trifold brochure was a collaborative effort between myself and several of our other leaders.  We just pulled it together in Microsoft Word over a weekend.  We did have them printed through a professional printer so the cost was a bit higher for full-color printing.  But if we wanted to, we could print them up less expensively on the church’s color copier.  This time, we did include all 3 of our websites in multiple places.

3 Reasons Why Your Troop Needs Business Cards Blog.UtahScouts.Org3 Reasons Why Your Troop Needs Business Cards Blog.UtahScouts.Org

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