By Steve Frisby
Jul 04, 2015

4th of July Tradition Too Good to Die

For the past 26 years, shortly after sunrise on the 4th of July, the Sunset Heights 2nd Ward neighborhood has gathered to join in a special flag raising ceremony. It all started as a fund raiser for Troop 427. Back then, the Scouts sold tickets and a breakfast of eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage and pastries was cooked by the Varsity Scouts and Explorers.

4th of JulyOriginally there were the 6 historical flags that are used at Woodbadge and Timberline. Over the years flags have been added. Now eighteen historical flags covering our country’s history from the time of the Mayflower to the present day are used. It has been said that “flags are the shorthand of history.” Indeed, by the time the eighteenth flag has been presented and a short historical background for each flag has been read, everyone has a good feeling for what has made our nation what it is today.

Following the presentation of the historical flags, a color guard of Scouts raises the 50 Star and State flag on a 40’ pole, the “Pledge” is recited, The Star Spangled Banner is sung and breakfast is served.

4th of july 2Although this all started as a fundraiser, a much more profound reason for its longevity is obvious to those who attend. The sun is barely peeking over Cascade Mountain on the 4th of July when these young men from 8 – 18 begin to gather at 6:30AM. Besides the regular Pack and Troop members, there are cousins and friends, all in uniform and anxious to participate. Usually the smallest Scout wants to carry the largest flag. The Rattlesnake flags are especially popular.

In a time when America is criticized and belittled by those both here and abroad, these young men can’t wait to show their love and appreciation for “The Land of The Free and the Home of The Brave.” On this special Birthday of America, it is an inspiration to see that Patriotism is not dead but is alive and well in the eyes and hearts of these future leaders of our Nation. That is why this event has endured for so many years and will continue for many more to come.

Come join us! We start at 7AM at 918 South 725 West, Orem. It is guaranteed to set a special tone for the rest of your 4th of July celebration!

Author: Stephen Frisby | 11 year old Scout Leader, Troop 427 chartered by the LDS Sunset Heights 2nd Ward in Orem, UT

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One thought on “4th of July Tradition Too Good to Die

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    Thanks Steve for the standing Tradition and it looks like Scouts in Pleasant Grove are starting their own tradition: Massive U.S. flag hung between canyon walls in Pleasant Grove, Utah – July 4, 2015


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