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Jan 19, 2015

 The African American Boy Scout Movement

Black TroopFor Black Awareness month, we look back in our history to see how Scouting has been used to serve African-american populations.

In 1916, Troop 75, was the first official Boy Scout Council-promoted to serve blacks. It was located in Louisville, KY. By the next year, there were four official black troops in the area. By 1926, there were 248 all-black troops, with 4,923 black Scouts and within ten years, there was only one Council in the entire South that refused to accept any black troops. With that brief introduction, you can ” href=”http://<!–more–>” target=”_blank”>read more here

African American Registry
Author:  our editorial team with help from the African American Registry | a Non-profit Education Organization and Kurt Banas | Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina 336.758.5255,

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2 thoughts on “ The African American Boy Scout Movement

  1. AvatarJim Bethel

    This was very informative. As a teenager in the deep south during the 60’s I can remember the segregation of schools, bathrooms, swimming pools and buses etc. It was just the way things were. “Separate but equal” was the attitude of the times. I was so clueless, Things were separate but totally unequal. I lived about a mile from a black high school and we went out of our way to avoid going by it. It was interesting that we could get together an play ball together after school or on the weekend but could not associate at school or in any other social setting. I am glad that the BSA has been at the front of the equality battle.

    Great article


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