By Utah National Parks Council
Nov 25, 2016

Annual Plan—the Biggest Predictor for Success

Last fall, the council LDS-BSA relationships committee held three Little Philmont trainings for stake and ward leaders. In these overnight events at council camps, hundreds of bishops, stake presidents, and other youth-serving leaders discussed how they could best watch over and strengthen young men, especially in the older boy programs (14-18). Participants were taught by Area Seventies and other priesthood and Scouting leaders how best to use Scouting to achieve priesthood objectives and left with specific goals to implement in their units.

Annual Program Planning and Annual PlanOne of the major themes of the conference was the importance of annual planning. When church leaders help youth create an annual plan that reflects their interests and uses available resources, the monthly goals and weekly activities are simple for the youth to plan and execute. In fact, in their session about annual planning, Richard DuBois and President Scott Ferrin suggested that one of the  main predictors of success in the older boy program is whether or not they have an solid annual plan that involves the youth and parents and focuses on excellent activities.

Annual Planning Tips and Resources

If your youth don’t have a detailed annual plan in place, help them create one. Click here for a pdf with the key steps to annual planning. You can also read this article for more information.

One of the best resources for annual planning is the new Program Features for Troops, Teams, and Crews

 Volume 1  Volume 2  Volume 3
Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3

As they choose monthly themes from the book that interest them, youth will also be provided with agendas for the weekly meetings and suggestions for activities. Here is a sample annual plan presented at Little Philmont that uses Program Features and the Come, Follow Me themes:

sample annual plan for priests

With a detailed plan built on the Program Features, it becomes much easier to build agendas for high-quality weekly activities:


Here are blank word document versions of these forms for you to use and edit:



Once your youth have created this plan and shared it with their parents, you are on your way to an effective, youth-led program that will change the lives of the young men you serve.

How has annual planning helped your youth? Tell us about your experience.

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Author: Utah National Parks Council, BSA

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5 thoughts on “Annual Plan—the Biggest Predictor for Success

  1. AvatarRhonda Wall

    Can you put up the calendar that has when the food drive is, when rechartering is, when the family camp is, trainings, round tables, etc?

    Rhonda Wall

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