By Adrian
Jun 15, 2015

Baden-Powell at the 1933 World Jamboree

1933 World JamboreeMy father and uncle were both Eagle Scouts, way back in the 1930’s.  My youngest son is just reaching his Eagle rank, so he is interested to know more about the grandfather he never met.

Sadly a lot of that legacy is lost to us.  He died more than 20 years ago, long before my sons were old enough for Scouting, so I never was able to find out much about his Scouting experiences.

But I did discover a treasure tucked away in my basement – an old leather-bound travel journal he kept of his trip to the 1933 World Jamboree.  He would have been about 18 at that time (very close to my son’s age) and fortunately, they were much better about documenting things back in those days, so he kept lots of notes and pictures of his entire trip.

Some of his notes are humdrum everyday stuff (lots of stuff about dinner for some reason!), but some are real glimpses into history.  He mentioned, for example that Germany had recently disbanded their Scout program in favor of the Hitler Youth, so they were in para-military style uniforms rather than typical Scout uniforms.  He frequently mentioned seeing Baden-Powell around the encampment and he managed to snap a photo of him.  This was his next-to-last Jamboree before Baden-Powell’s death in 1941.


I scanned this photo and sent it to the man who runs the blog of Baden-Powell’s history.  He confirmed that this is on horseback, left to right: J.W. Wilson, Gilwell Park Camp Chief, Lord Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of the World, Count Teleki Pal, Jamboree Camp Chief and later Prime Minister of Hungary.  They were inspecting the company of assembled Scouts.

Baden Powell Arab Scout

This is my father with an unknown Arab Scout.

Baden Powell Indians

No clue what is going on here, but it is the USA contingent presenting Native American lore

Baden Powell Scout Walking

Just a random Scout walking around. Probably one of the 5 Scouts from my Dad’s contingent.  Notice the white stag emblem of the Jamboree on the left chest.

This isn’t one of my father’s photos, but it’s a much better shot of Baden-Powell at the Jambo.  I’m going to have to work on preserving this precious legacy my father left us.  After 80 years, many of the pages are already yellowing and crumbling, but it’s great to see the parallels between his life and my son’s life and see all of the interesting things he had done.

BP at world jamboree

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4 thoughts on “Baden-Powell at the 1933 World Jamboree

  1. Melany GardnerMelany Gardner

    What an amazing history! It really makes the whole Scout movement feel closer when you find a gem like this in your father’s stuff.

  2. AvatarJolene Tate

    Thank you so much for sharing. It was a wonderful true life story.
    Plus I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures.

  3. AvatarSam Menefee

    May I inquire what Jamboree Troop your father was in? If you don’t know, where was he living at the time of the Jamboree? Many thanks.

    1. AdrianAdrian Post author

      Hi Sam – what a great question. I believe he and his brother were from Troop 10 from Denver. I can Email you some more specific details if you’re interested. I’d love to know more, as everyone who could have told us anything has passed on.


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