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Aug 11, 2017

The Blue Card: a Vital Record

Scouts can keep blue cards and pocket certificates of their advancement

In the March-April 2017 issue of the Advancement News, they discussed the “Process of Counseling.” In that article, they mentioned the role that the “Application For Merit Badge” (aka the “Blue Card”) plays in the overall merit badge earning process. This follow-up article will deal more directly with some of the specific areas of the “Blue Card” that the counselor needs to understand.

The “Blue Card” is a Scout’s official record for keeping track of his advancement. It shows when the Scout met with his unit leader to discuss the badge; it lists requirements that have been completed; and it provides helpful information for counselors.

The image above shows some important areas of the “Blue Card” to which the merit badge counselor should pay careful attention.

  1. The “Blue Card” must be presented with the dated signature of the unit leader, i.e., Scoutmaster.
  2. The requirement score sheet indicates what requirements the Scout may have completed previously. If your counseling sessions with the Scout only allow certain requirements to be completed (called a “partial”), then those requirements should be noted in this area along with your initials. Subsequent counselors with whom the Scout may work will use notations in this area as a road map to see what has been completed and what has not.
  3. The easy-to-remove Counselor’s Record section of the “Blue Card” trifold is not to be detached until the Scout has fully completed the merit badge. Do not remove this portion of the “Blue Card” when only partials are being recorded. It is for the signing merit badge counselor’s records and should be kept for a reasonable period of time in case questions arise.
  4. The merit badge counselor’s dated signature is required here when the merit badge is completed and deemed earned.
  5. Completion of this section requires the Scout’s name, name of the merit badge, and a dated signature. Remember, this is the Scout’s portion of the trifold and is his proof he completed the merit badge. It is very important it be filled out correctly. His unit leader will sign it at a later date.
  6. This portion of the “Blue Card” trifold will be retained by the unit. Therefore, it is imperative all the information be filled in, including a dated signature.
  7. You may have reservations on providing your phone number, but it is important because it is the quickest way to get in touch with you if questions arise. Please provide the most convenient number.

(More detailed information regarding the “Blue Card” may be found in the Guide to Advancement, Section 7).

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