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Jul 15, 2014

Boy Scouts are Now Officially Messin’ with Sasquasatch


Click image to watch the video.

According to Guy Edwards, from the Big Foot Lunch Club:  “The alternate title to this post was, ‘Sasquatch is the official protein for Boy Scouts,’  but discretion got the better of me. In the new video promoting Jack Link’s as the official protein of the Boy Scouts. Our familiar friend makes a cameo at the very end, looking more like a sports team’s mascot, versus the terrifyingly funny Sasquatch we are used to in the Messin’ with Sasquatch campaigns we are used to. I guess the Boy Scouts needed a warmer cuddlier version, which I’m fine with. The design is great and still resembles the Jack Link’s Sasquatch we love.”

He went on to encourage us to watch the videos that accompanied the official Boy Scouts of America press release–they quite fun.

jack links

Click image to see what happens when Sasquatch visits your campsite.

10 JULY–Press Release:  The Boy Scouts of America and Jack Link’s® have teamed up on a multiyear partnership that will make Jack Link’s “The Official Protein Snack of the Boy Scouts of America” and the organization’s four national high-adventure bases.

The agreement will put many of Jack Link’s popular beef, pork, and turkey jerky products onto the shelves of BSA retail facilities and into the hands of the thousands of youth and adult members who sign up each year for adrenaline-pumping adventures at its national high-adventure bases in Florida, Minnesota, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

On the local level, where BSA councils manage their own fundraising campaigns and host more than a million boys and girls at long-term Scout camps around the country each year, Jack Link’s will be designated as a Preferred Service Provider


John Stewart Director, Corporate Engagement and Sustainability Director at Boy Scouts of America

“From their high-quality products that are perfect for those who are out enjoying the Scouting experience to their expertise with fundraising programs, Jack Link’s and the Boy Scouts of America are a good fit,” said John Stewart, the BSA’s director of corporate engagement. “We are constantly looking for ways to create authentic, relevant opportunities for brands to speak to America’s youth, families, and communities. This is a great representation of that effort.”

Scoutin with Sasquatch

Click image for an adventure in Scoutin’ With Sasquatch

Stewart says his team is always seeking out relevant brands who want to speak to America’s families, and “this is a great representation of that effort.”

Bryan Wendell writes: “You’ll notice this partnership in several ways, according to the news release:

  • Jack Link’s popular beef, pork, and turkey jerky products will appear on the shelves of BSA Scout Shops.
  • Jack Link’s products will be available to Scouts and Venturers at Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier and the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
  • Local councils can enhance their unit-level fundraising efforts with Jack Link’s, now designated as a Preferred Service Provider.
  • Scouts, Scouters and Venturers can enjoy the Scoutin’ With Sasquatch videos”

Promo image


Feel free to use this official image about the partnership in your unit’s social media, newsletters or websites.

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The Boy Scouts of America provides the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training, which helps young people be “Prepared. For Life.®” The Scouting organization is composed of 2.6 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21 and more than a million volunteers in local councils throughout the United States and its territories. For more information on the Boy Scouts of America, please visit

About JACK LINK’S BEEF JERKY – Feed Your Wild Side™

Headquartered in Minong, Wisconsin, Jack Link’s is the leader in the meat snack category and the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide. The Jack Link’s brand represents a heritage of quality and consumer trust. Well known for its iconic Messin’ With Sasquatch™ advertising campaign, Jack Link’s offers more than 100 premium meat snack products at retail outlets in more than 40 countries. Check out for more information on the brand.


HopsSquatch_2014_Guy_Edwards_presentsAuthors: Guy Edwards | Brainjar Media, Bryan Edwards | an Eagle Scout, is senior editor ofScouting and Eagles’ Call magazines and the BSA Newsroom Blog

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