By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 01, 2013

Transforming the Image of Scouting

Ever wondered how to get your boys more engaged with Scouting? Does it suffer from an image problem within your team?

Here are some ideas to get that spark going:

·         Keep the “outing” in “Scouting” – outdoor activities attract boys and get attendance.

·         Make it fun. It’s not all about passing things off.

·         Get them involved and running the program. Involvement leads to buy-in.

·         Do something big and worthwhile. Something they have to work towards to make happen.

·         Ask them to commit. One group got up at 6:30am a week after school was out to start prepping for their big adventure.

·         Help them see beyond the uniform to the things they do as Scouts—river trips, canyoneering, etc.

·         Try using a field uniform (T-shirt) they helped design for identity and esprit de corps.

·         Provide a list of gear they’ll need. Boys get excited about having gadgets.

·         Liken it to them. What do they want to be when they grow up? Help them understand how what they’re doing now leads to success later.

·         Do some marketing – promote the activities, be enthusiastic.

·         Find your own passion in Scouting. You can’t start a fire without heat.

For other ideas see Help Scouts change the perception that Scouting’s not ‘cool’ in the September–October issue of Scouting Magazine.

Author: Matt Pratt

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