Andrew Felsted with badges
By Nicole Balmforth
Oct 15, 2018

Local Eagle Scout Completes Every Merit Badge

On October 10th, Eagle Scout Andrew Felsted was front and center at a Court of Honor held at his home. He was surrounded by friends and family as he was recognized for his many achievements in Scouting. Not only did Andrew achieve his Eagle Scout Award, an impressive feat on its own, he also completed all 137 merit badges, plus the Computer badge which has since been retired, in the six years he’s been in the Boy Scouts. This is an achievement that shows great commitment and perseverance. Several of the badges Andrew completed took weeks to complete. Many family friends, Scouts, and leaders came out to honor Andrew for all his hard work.


The merit badges a Boy Scout earns represent an understanding of either sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and or future careers. These badges push Scouts to grow personally and build Scouting skills that can help guide them in their future endeavors. Here are some of the several badges that Felsted completed:

Cancer Survivor

At the age of 5, Felsted was diagnosed with primary brain cancer. Andrew had a tumor that spread into nearby parts of his brain. During his battle with cancer, he lost all physical abilities including the ability to walk and talk. Felsted began learning these abilities again after he became well. It has been a journey filled with hardship and obstacles, but Felsted survived. Now, he has gone on to complete every merit badge without any special accommodations. His determination to fight is shown in every step of his journey as he accomplishes what he sets out to do.

Leadership and Other Accomplishments

Andrew has contributed to many programs and earned other awards. He’s attended Timberline Youth Leadership training for 5 years where he has served as the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. The Timberline National Youth Leadership Training is a program that contributes to “preparing today America’s leaders of tomorrow.

Andrew has earned the Duty to God award 5 years in a row and the Liahona Compass and Thomas S. Monson awards. To earn the Liahona Compass award Andrew had to contemplate the decisions he makes and how those decisions will affect his future. He received the Thomas S. Monson award by completing two readings and completing at least four electives.

Felsted is a member of the Order of the Arrow and he has even served as the Chief of his chapter. Among completing 12 eagle palms and attending the 2017 National Jamboree, he’s served as the Den Chief for the Cub Scouts in his unit.

Andrew stated during his Court of Honor that he couldn’t have completed all he did alone. Leaders, family, and friends were all there to support Andrew along his way. As Andrew’s mother stated, “it takes a village.”


Nicole Balmforth


Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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