By Nicole Balmforth
Oct 22, 2018

Exemplary Eagle Scouts and Their Stories Part 1

As an organization that is proud of its members, we like to reflect on the exemplary Scouts we’ve had the opportunity to shape. These Scouts worked hard to become Eagle Scouts and have continued to work hard throughout their life. They represent perfectly the core values of the BSA.

Anthony Thomas 

Anthony Thomas became the Boy Scouts of America’s two millionth Eagle Scout at age 16 in 2009.  Thomas became an Eagle Scout by designing and building 20 training devices for Helping Paws in Minnesota, an outstanding leadership service project. This project arranged for guide dogs to go to people with disabilities. He served as a Scouting ambassador during the BSA’s 100th Aniversary Celebration to share the exemplary values the BSA has with others. Scout Ambassadors are Scouts that are committed to raising national awareness about the invaluable work of Scouting while simultaneously building youth’s life skills. In an interview with Deseret News, Anthony said, “[he] was speechless,” once he learned about the historic designation. “It’s an opportunity to show boys what a great experience scouting is and how fun it is,” said Thomas. 

As a kid, Anthony took part in hurricane clean-up in New Orleans and has lettered in service at his high school. His efforts to lend a helping hand and to excel show the exemplary values every Scout learns.

Shane Victorino

Shane Victorino played in major league baseball for several teams. He played for the San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Angels, Philadelphia Phillies, and Boston Red Sox. While playing for the Phillies, Shane won the Rawlings Gold Glove Award in 2008, 2009, and 2013. The Golden Glove is an award for players who show superior fielding performance at each position on the field. Through his athletic career, he kept himself physically strong and mentally awake while batting and performing. Victorino became the first player in history to make a home run, steal two bases, and do a double. He also hit 13 triples, where a player gets to third base after hitting the ball, in 2009 becoming the first ever to do so. 

He’s been nicknamed the ‘Flyin’ Hawaiian‘ as he grew up in Hawaii. As a young man, Victorino was very physically active. He excelled in football, baseball, soccer, and track. Victorino participated in Scouting while doing all these sports. He became an Eagle Scout and was later inducted into the Cradle of Liberty Council’s Eagle Scout Hall of Fame.  

Jack D. Furst 

Alongside being a lifelong Eagle Scout, Jack Furst has been a volunteering with the council for quite some time. He has been a member of the National Executive Board and the council executive board. He’s been the council president and council vice president. He’s served in many capacities for the Boy Scouts of America, and Furst has received many accolades for his commitment to the BSA. 

His accolades are:

  • Distinguished Eagle Scout
  • Silver Beaver award recipient
  • Silver Antelope award recipient

Furst contributed to several camp projects. He promoted the purchase and creation of the West Virginia high-adventure base camp. Jack established the Jack D. Furst Aquatics Base in Graford, Texas. This camp is a part of Camp Constantin and one of the most popular aquatics centers. Furth founded a private investment firm and now is a private investor and adjunct professor at the University of North Texas.

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Author: Nicole Balmforth | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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