By Madison Austin
Jun 27, 2017

Experience the Buck Hollow Adventure

Totin’ Chip, Hiking, Stargazing, First Aid, Knots & Lashings, Leave No Trace, Nature, and Orienteering – some of the most exciting Boy Scout Advancements. And they can all be found in the same place at Buck Hollow Scout Ranch

Buck Hollow Scout Ranch is home to Adventure Park and the Webelos Wilderness Adventure. While paying a visit to the 11-year olds as they were setting up camp for their weekend of adventure, I was able to see exactly what is so special about Buck Hollow. 

After setting up camp and cooking their own lunches, Scouts head off to various activities. These activities are geared towards building the personal, spiritual, and outdoor skills of the youth. 

Adventure Activities

Some of the most popular activities at Buck Hollow are Totin’ Chip and Knots & Lashings. Totin’ Chip is a fun experience for boys, as they get to use an ax almost half their size. That is, after they learn all about wood tool safety. At knots and lashings, boys put their thinking skills to the test and work together to tie difficult knots and create strong lashings.

Orienteering activities also let Scouts explore the surrounding wilderness while working together to learn. Nature and Leave-No-Trace classes are also great for Scouts, where they can learn the basics for understanding and respecting their surroundings. Many of these classes are the basis for which Scouts will build a strong foundation of knowledge and skill on, especially as they grow in the Scouting program. The skills that Scouts learn early on prepare them for a lifetime of learning.


A camp full of boys who are excited about being outdoors and learning new things is a great thing to see. And that is exactly what you’ll find at Buck Hollow. If your 11-year old or Webelos Troop is looking for a summer adventure, keep Buck Hollow Scout Ranch in mind! 




Want to see more of the Buck Hollow Adventure? Check out the picture gallery below!






Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 


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