By Boy Scouts of America
Jul 31, 2016

The Father’s Presence—A Cherokee Legend

blind folded boyLet me tell you a story. There is a Cherokee legend about the ritual a boy had to go through to be considered a man. The father took the boy into the woods at night and sat him on a stump. Then he blindfolded him. He told him not to move or cry out for help or remove his blindfold until he could feel the sun shining on his face.

Wouldn’t  you be scared, especially if you heard something rustling in the grass at your feet, or heard a coyote howl in the distance and a half hour later heard him howl a few feet from you? In the morning when the boy feels the light of the sun on his face, he removes his blindfold. It is only then that he sees his father sitting on the stump behind him.

We, too, are never alone. We have a father above in God who is always beside us to protect us and to love us. He loves us so much that no matter how bad we are, He does not love us any less and, no matter how good we are, He could not love us any more. His love is never 50 percent when we are bad and 75 percent when we are good. Whether we are good or bad, God’s love is always 100 percent. When we fail or mess up, he is always there on the stump beside us to forgive us.

Why? Because He loves us so very much. Always remember the Cherokee father and his son and then think of God’s love for you and also the love of your earthly father and mother for you, thank God. You can thank God this week by serving your fellow Scouts. That, too, can be the most fun of all.

Author: Boy Scouting/Venturing Camp Chaplain Handbook |  Boy Scouts of America

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