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May 04, 2014

Five Suggestions for Growing LDS Units

These ideas were presented during a January 2013 Little Philmont

UntitledDuring the last year of celebrating the Church’s 100 years of participation in Scouting, we have been invited to reach out to include additional young men from our wards and neighborhoods in this great program.

1. Focus on reactivating those currently not active

  • Counsel together with the Ward Council to obtain their feedback and ideas.
  • Involve Home teachers and Visiting Teachers, young men of corresponding age or a fellowshipping family in the outreach to the less active boy and his family.
  • In personal visits to the homes of the young men, extend an invitation to participate:Untitled
    –  Provide calendar of upcoming plans, activities, campouts, etc.
    –  Plan meetings with the needs of new Scouts in mind.

2. Involve the active boys and young men to invite their friends, classmates and neighbors

  •  Invite to attend unit meetings, activities, Courts of Honor.
  • Invite each boy or young man to bring a friend to an activity. 
  • Provide a calendar of upcoming planned activities

Scout Parents3. Have a plan to involve parents of new Cubs and Scouts.

  • Involve parents of new scouts with committee member assignments; invite them to be drivers or assist as newsletter editors, etc.
  • Consider a LDS Charter document that specifies pertinent church policy as it relates to Scouting (Word of Wisdom, language and dress). May want to share copy of For Strength of Youth pamphlet with parent and young man.

4. Each Ward and Unit should populate the Council website that identifies units by geographic location with current information. 

  • Provide needed information to families in areas looking for a strong Scout program

index5. Communicate this outreach to members of the Ward and Stake

  • Invite the Ward Members to help spread the word to their neighbors, friends and co-workers that their children are welcome to participate in our LDS scout units.



Reprinted from February 2014 LDS Relationships Newsletter

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