By Makenzie Wistisen
Jan 04, 2019

Four Generations of Eagle Scouts

Preston Hyatt – An Eagle Scout, former member of the Young Men General Board, and Chaplain of the 1964 National Jamboree, founded the first Cub Scout pack in Utah County shortly after the LDS church officially adopted the Cub Scouting program. He also contributed to revisiting and rewriting the Explorer Handbook, and was a National Scout Commissioner for five states.

A Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association (YMMIA) representative for Exploring, Preston has lived a life dedicated to improving the lives of young men through the values of Scouting. He later joined the army and went on to complete an education.

His wife, Ora Mae Hyatt (who has since passed), was also a Cub Scout Leader for many years in various packs. Preston and Ora Mae are both Silver Beavers, having distinguished themselves as exemplary leaders in Scouting. All seven of their boys have received the Eagle Scout award, and their posterity now includes many Eagle Scouts across four generations.

Preston’s three great-grandsons, Johnathan Preston Hyatt, Aaron Moroni Hyatt, and Alex Hyatt, now join the prestigious rank of Eagle Scouts among their predecessors.

Since the inception of the Eagle Scout award in 1912, approximately two percent of eligible Scouts have earned Scouting’s highest honor. At their Court of Honor last month, presented by Troop 427, more information regarding the lineage of the family and their cherished tradition of achieving Eagle Scout was shared. In particular:

Ted & Teri Hyatt – Both long-time Scouters and Silver Beavers in Utah County. Ted is an Eagle Scout, the oldest son of Preston and Ora Mae Hyatt. Teri has served in a variety of capacities at the Pack, Troop, and Council levels, and can answer almost any question about Scouting and how it works. All three of their sons are Eagle Scouts. Their Scouting contributions have impacted the lives of many young men and women, leaving a legacy continuing to be seen and felt.

Fred & JoEllen Hyatt – Parents of four Eagle Scouts, Fred has served as a Cub Scout Leader, most recently running Round-Table in the Hobble Creek District of the Utah National Parks Council. Fred is an Eagle Scout, the 4th son of Preston and Ora Mae Hyatt, and has served as a Scout Leader in various capacities. He has influenced many young men through his love for the outdoors, enthusiasm for Scouting skills, applying the patrol method, and living the Scout Oath and Law. He exemplifies the spirit of Scouting with the support and love of his wife, JoEllen.

The Court of Honor held for Jonathan, Aaron, and Alex Hyatt, was certainly an event any Scouter would be proud to attend. Complete with a visit from a live bald eagle, in addition to rare Scouting artifacts and antiques on display, the Hyatt family was able to once again take pride in awarding three new Eagle Scouts ready to soar and continue the legacy.

4 Generations of Eagle Scouts: Brothers, Jonathan Hyatt (2nd from right) and Aaron Hyatt (2nd from left) with their father, Alan Hyatt (right), grandfather, Fred Hyatt (left), and great-grandfather, E. Preston Hyatt (seated).

“You are now a marked
man; as an Eagle Scout, you will be asked to assume a
solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to your
country, to your fellow Scouts, and to your fellow
citizens.” Jon Hyatt


Author: Makenzie Wistisen | is a Marketing Associate for the Boy Scouts of America-Utah National Parks Council, Communications major from BYU, outdoor enthusiast, and lover of chocolate.


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