By Larry Green
Dec 22, 2016

Why Are Games Important In Scouting?

For a 12 year old Scout, there is nothing much worse than going to school all day and then showing up to a troop meeting to have a merit badge class. Far too many Scouters don’t know the secret of Scouting–it’s games.

We implement all sorts of lessons, but there is nothing wrong with just plain fun. Here is something to try tonight at Scouts:

The Troop Leader Resources states:

What’s referred to as the “Games” section of the Troop Meeting Planning Sheet can be approached from a variety of directions and in a variety of ways. agenda-gameIn its most simple context, this portion of the meeting provides a chance to have some good, clean fun serving to change the pace of the meeting, and/or allow Scouts to happily let off a little steam. From another direction, this time slot can afford a golden opportunity to put Scout skills into action in a way that is involving and challenging—often relative to a monthly theme.

All troop meeting activities, whether a Scout Skills Challenge, Team Building Opportunity, or Scout Game should contribute towards ensuring the troop meeting is fun with positive outcomes.

Additional Information and a Resource Library of Troop Meeting Activities

larry-greenAuthor: Larry Green | Happily retired, he and spends his time volunteering for the BSA. When he is not building pioneering projects, he is building videos for the BSA illustrating Scouting activities that are uniquely fun with positive outcomes.

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