By Darryl Alder
Jun 03, 2017

Where to Go Camping: Buck Hollow Scout Ranch

During summer months the upper and training camps have water, while lower camp is along a creek and is deeply shaded

Buck Hollow is a beautifully forested property with streams, local wildlife, and many great opportunities for adventure and fun!  Because of its deer population, it was quickly dubbed Buck Hollow by campers and staff and has served new Scouts for most of those years. But, for the last few has added a Webelos Wilderness Adventure.

Wilderness is the operative word in describing this camp. The running water, available in summer, is only in the upper meadow, portapotties are there during summer, but in lower camp, year round, there is plenty of firewood, 16 fire barrels and 24 campsites with picnic tables. This is a great place to take any troop to practice true camping skills.

Buck Hollow is only 45 minutes from the center of Utah County, but the last two miles of road are dirt and can be quite rugged.  Click here for Map and Directions to Buck Hollow

Though the camp offers multiple summer programs, it is fall and winter that commands my camping interests. Oh don’t get me wrong, I would go in Spring, but the Forest Service keeps their road into camp locked until Memorial Day and the alternate route is usually covered with many feet of snow until June.

The camp is perfect for Father and Son’s campouts, youth conference, Young Women’s camp or any stake, ward or family activity, but it is my favorite weekend troop site. Not far from home or help, but remarkably remote feeling, this little gem is the place to take Scouts camping if you live in Utah County.

About 25 years ago the LDS Church received the property as a gift for Scout camping. Located deep within the north fork of Hobble Creek Canyon, it is managed exclusively by the Utah National Parks Council. To schedule your next camp there call the Orem Service Center at 801.437.6222 and speak with your District’s Assistant. 

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Author: Darryl Alder | Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council, BSA. 

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