By Ken Krogue
Feb 11, 2015

How to Help Youth Want to Wear the Scout Uniform: 24 Ideas

Venture uniformCUB SCOUT UNIFORMSBSAScout UNFORMWearing a uniform gives youth and adult members a sense of identification. The Scout uniform is a reminder of the member’s commitment to character development, citizenship training, and personal fitness. Awards displayed on the uniform mark the progress of every Scout and leader in achieving these goals and successfully practicing Scouting’s ideals.

1- Walk them through the full uniform, show where everything goes.

2- Teach the elements of each award, what they mean

3- Wear your uniform always, talk about the meaning of patches, etc. you earned

4- Show your red jacket or sash with all your patches, etc.

5- Make sure kids all have full uniforms, help trade uniforms to keep costs down

Marine Uniform inspection is a great example for Boy Scouts to wear the Scout Uniform6- Show a video of a military uniform inspection (there are plenty on YouTube)

7- Hold Scout Uniform inspections

8- Have a marine come and talk about the US military uniform and wear it (or ex-marine)

9- Award random points, prizes, treats for uniform inspections

10- Let them make a class b uniform they help design and like

11- Get older (cool, athletic) young men to wear their uniforms to Courts of Honor

12- Assign a Troop guide (cool older boy they respect) to discuss the uniform and wear it proudly.

13- Make a big deal of the merit badge counts as a sign of achievement on the sash

14- Get all boys a merit badge sash, even awarding it to new scouts


15- Link the uniform of scouting to the uniform of missionary work (an important goal in LDS units)

16- Get adult priesthood leaders to wear their scouting uniforms to all YM events (lead by example)

Baden Powell felt strong about the Scout Uniform

The uniform makes for brotherhood, since when universally adopted it covers up all differences of class and country.Robert Baden-Powell 

17- Tell the stories of Baden Powell and how the uniform came about

18- Start a tradition of uniforms that carries on and is upheld

19- Have older boys come in and discuss traditions (including uniforms) of the units

20- When calling junior leaders, get commitments to wear uniforms and get others to also

21- Priesthood leaders include the uniform commitment when calling new adult leaders

22- Point out kindly but clearly whenever a boy dishonors the uniform (untucked, unbuttoned)

23- Hand out patrol identity patches to the boys (for each patrol)

24- Give out junior leadership patches to all boys immediately on callings to leadership

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Author: Ken Krogue | Executive Board Member, Utah National Parks Council

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3 thoughts on “How to Help Youth Want to Wear the Scout Uniform: 24 Ideas

  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    These are great suggestions. I used to have a point system, where they were awarded equipment for consistently wearing full uniforms to meetings and campouts. I always had a uniform bank too (just ask people in your congregation to look for old uniforms in their attics).

  2. AvatarMaloree Anderson

    Getting a young boy to commit to wearing something can be difficult. To me the Scout uniform is a way to show off what you have accomplished. It is a subtle, humble way to say, “Hey, this is what I have done. What can I teach or help you with?” But I definitely agree with leading by example. The leaders should wear theirs to show that everyone does it and respects the uniform.

  3. AvatarKen Holmes

    I liked these ideas on encouraging the wearing of BSA uniforms; 1 of the important Boy Scouting methods. The BYU Marching Band wouldn’t let me near the football playing field at half time if I was not in full uniform. Do you know of any sports teams that allow play without wearing their uniform?


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