By Michelle Carpenter
Jun 19, 2017

My Husband’s Panda Express Orange Chicken Obsession Is About to Help Scouts

“If Panda Express were on a cruise ship, the cruise would go out of business because people couldn’t stop eating it.” 

My husband said something similar to this while we sat chowing down on saucy orange chicken with my younger teenage sister. He continued to make these “pick up line” like statements regarding the restaurant as we ate.

“Even Santa likes Panda Express,” he said. 

It’s true; my husband loves Panda Express. It’s one of his favorite chain restaurants along with Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, and Wendy’s. 

But, the reason he loves Panda is because he loves orange chicken.

He never orders broccoli beef, or shrimp, or any other entree. He always gets two entrees of orange chicken and a side of chow mein.

orange chicken

My husband’s typical order of orange chicken

I don’t know what it is about the orange chicken at the place, but my husband swears it’s incomparable. He doesn’t like any other version as much, even if it’s more authentic or from a fancier location (like the Cheesecake Factory). 

However, he doesn’t really like much of the other food at Panda Express. But, the orange chicken is enough to keep him coming back again and again. 

But, I don’t think he’s alone in his orange-colored crush. Lots of people feel similarly. In fact, Panda Express sells more than 65 million pounds of orange chicken each year, according to QSR Magazine. 


In truth, my first positive encounters with Panda came because of another orange chicken fan–my trainer on my mission. It was notoriously her thing. We went there quite a lot, and she also always ordered chow mein and orange chicken. 

I guess I’m the weird woman out because I actually like to order a variety of things when I go to Panda Express.  

Luckily, this chicken craze is about to help the Boy Scouts of America. 

This Friday, June 23rd, Heber City’s Panda Express is hosting a fundraiser for the council. Simply head in and place an order, and the council gets 20 percent of the proceeds. 

The restaurant is located at 785 S. Main Street. It will be open from 10 AM to 11 PM.

What could be better than taking a break and gorging down on orange bliss? Doing good for others while you’re at it.




Author: Michelle Carpenter | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council

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One thought on “My Husband’s Panda Express Orange Chicken Obsession Is About to Help Scouts

  1. AvatarJan

    I’m with you Michelle, I like a variety. However many of my family are Orange Chicken fans. Maybe we’ll take a drive up the canyon this Friday. Go Scouts!


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