By Joyce Olesen
Dec 19, 2017

#LightTheWorld Day 19

Jesus taught: “Rejoice and be exceedingly glad.” Matthew 5:12

It is the season. As Christians, we are celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I am most happy when I hear Christmas carols. They just burst forth with joy and make me happy when I hear them.

Scouts are not too late to get a group together and go caroling. Everybody knows the words, but print out the first verse and chorus of each song in order to let everyone know what you’re singing. Please, no Rudolph, or Grandma getting run over.

Pick a house, a neighborhood and let your happiness spread to all. I have heard that Christmas is a time of depression for many. Your singing will warm their hearts and help them to be exceedingly glad.

After caroling, it is customary to go to a home of a participant and have hot cider and cookies. Can’t beat that, can you, because then you can rejoice some more.

Author: Joyce Olesen | is a grandmother, mother, and daughter of Scouters. She loves kids, camping, country music and sports cars. Her Dad was a Scout leader in Chicago in the early 1920’s and having only daughters did not bolster his Scouting hopes. As his “Scout” she was tying regulation knots by the time she was 7.

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