By Darryl Alder
Aug 25, 2017

How the New Member Coordinator Position Will Help Your Pack

At the Top Hands Meeting in Dallas Texas today, we all learned about this new position, the New Member Coordinator.

This position is  designed to help families get off into good start in your Pack or Troop and we all know sustaining new families in Scouting usually takes more than a welcome handshake. These new folks need engagement so that they feel Welcomed and want to stay. 

The New Member Coordinator (NMC) position may be the answer and here is some of the duties:

  • Candidates should enjoy meeting others and  should be quick to build friendships with others.
  • Work with a team of other NMCs for dens to help all new parents find their, allowing them to tailor their work to individual interests/expertise, as well as to recognize the particular needs of the unit. Fit every type of unit, every age level and every program (this might include 11 year old Scouts too).
  • Be recruited and supported by key unit leadership.
  • Be provided with training both online and face to face.
  • Be mentored by the District Membership Chair and become part of the District Membership team.
  • Be visible and easily identifiable at unit gatherings with “Welcome” logo that they display and wear on an activity shirt, on a hat or vest or in some cases, a pin on a field uniform.

The benefits of having a New Member Coordinator can be substantial! However, the role of the New Member Coordinator might be easy to overlook in LDS units since the youth are expected to join. However, just because kids are expected to join, does not mean parents will support or understand what the program offers.

If you are not sure how this will work, take a look at how Daniella does it:

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Author:Darryl Alder |  Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council.

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