By Brad Scherck
Apr 24, 2017

My Chilling Experience at North Star: Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills

Due to the privilege of paying a flat rate utility bill in our apartment, my wife and I are not as thrifty as we could be with the heating of our home. With the plummeting spring temperatures outside, let’s just say our home would make Death Valley feel like the North Pole.

Now, our overnight North Star, the final part of Leader Specific Training, was held this last weekend. You may wonder: what did I gain from this inspiring training?

My response: first hand privation or in other words, lack of stifling air. I was almost frozen to death.

However, if you were a native Utahan or perhaps a little more rounded person, you would have responded quite differently to that question. You most likely would have said inspiring phrases like these:


  • Greater love for nature and its abundant resources
  • How to create an atmosphere where we can point Scouts to Heaven
  • How to make scouting fun and exciting
  • Learning how to implement the EDGE method in Scouting
  • Useful outdoor skills to prepare young men to be more successful in the wilderness
  • Inspiration on how to reach specific Scouts


Even though there was a loss of heat at this training, being able to be around experienced and enthusiastic Scouters who are dedicated to building successful young men made the difference. I cannot think of a better training to inspire and launch new Scouting leaders into the joy of Scouting. Overall, after attending North Star training, you will find, like myself, an expanded vision on how to prepare young men for their futures. You may also find an empty wallet from a purchase of an expensive down sleeping bag.

Brad Scherck
 |  District Associate of Provo District, Boy Scouts of America, Utah National Parks CouncilBrad is a California native and is learning to accept Utah weather. 

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