By Utah National Parks Council
Feb 10, 2014

NRA Foundation Awards Grant to Utah Scouts

Utah National Parks Council receives 2 NRA grantsNRA Grant-7070

Orem, UT. February 10, 2014 –  Teaching respect for firearms helps Boy Scouts develop good character.

Thunder Ridge Shooting Range

Rifle range improvement at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp

John Kendall, NRA Field Representative- Utah, is pleased to announce a grant of $23,035.17 to the Utah National Parks Council of the Boy Scouts of America to purchase shooting sports equipment and repair the shooting range at Thunder Ridge Scout Camp near Cedar City, Utah. Support from the NRA Foundation will help strengthen existing Boy Scout shotgun, rifle, and archery programs by improving the camp rifle range.  These funds will purchase both materials and shooting sports equipment.

Tifie Sign Thanking NRA

Gun Safe at Tifie Rifle Range (note NRA sign above the door)

NRA Grant

Scouts shooting at the new Camp Tifie Rifle Range

The Utah National Parks Council is grateful for this consistent NRA Foundation funding. Last year the Boy Scouts received an equipment grant of $12,147.54 for archery equipment, a trap thrower, ear muffs, safety glasses, rifles, and maintenance supplies at Maple Dell Scout Camp in Payson, Utah, benefiting 3,200 youth during seven  week-long summer camp sessions. The NRA Foundation funding ensures quality training and educational opportunities for shooting sports in Utah. Boy Scout programs provide firearm safety education, wildlife conservation, range development, and practice sessions.  Safe quality equipment is important to the success of the BSA program.

The Boy Scouts of America has been teaching character development and leadership skills for over 100 years. The safe responsible use of firearms and the principles of hunting and archery under the support and guidance of caring adult volunteer leaders provide boys with opportunities to develop life skills, self-worth, and conservation ethics.

Shooting sports shot gun merit badgeShooting sports provide a dynamic way to involve boys in fun events. BSA shooting sports are supervised by NRA certified instructors. “Our programs are versatile enough to take place in all 12 Scout camps  within the Utah National Parks Council territory and can easily be adapted to fit youth of all age and skill levels,” said Randell Keys, NRA Certified Chief Range Safety Officer and Senior District Executive in the Hobble Creek area of Springville, Utah.

Shooting sports help Scouts develop strategies for working in disciplined environments. Marksmanship proficiencies help youth develop confidence and decision making skills.  Boys learn to respect and care for equipment, create positive peer /adult partnerships, and maintain safety standards. Scouts who earn shooting sport merit badges receive thorough instruction in gun safety preparing them for a lifetime of responsible firearm use.

Nine out of 10 people in Utah have a direct relationship to Scouting. The Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America is the largest BSA Council in America with 86,814 youth members, 45,697 registered adult volunteers, in 6,194 units.

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