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By Julia Thompson
Oct 13, 2017

The NRA Foundation Grants Continue to Make Our Camps Better

The NRA Foundation Grants Continue to Make Our Camps Better

The NRA’s continuing generosity allows the Utah National Parks Council to improve our camps each year. This well established partnership not only helps the Scouts excel in shooting sports, but to be safe as well. The NRA Foundation grants able us to update facilities and add new equipment.

NRA Safety

NRA helps promote safety

This year we received 16 Weatherby 12 gauge semi auto shotguns. They were dispersed among Tifie, Thunder Ridge, Beaver High Adventure Base, and Entrada Adventure Base. This type of shotgun is especially useful for younger Scouts. Some of the 12 year olds had a hard time with other shotguns; the kickback would be too much for them to handle. An easier to manage gun allowed them to advance towards their merit badge at a faster pace. This merit badge calls for accuracy, something that was previously too hard to accomplish because of maneuvering difficulties.

Thunder Ridge Scout Camp

Thunder Ridge, located near Cedar City, has undergone many updates. In the past few years, the NRA donated money to construct new rifle and archery ranges and donated new

NRA funded range

NRA funded range

equipment for Scouts to use. Thunder Ridge had been using tattered equipment in shabby facilities. The new ranges provided more room for Scouts to learn about shooting sports and safety and have made the shooting range one of the best in the council. The addition of new guns this year has helped make this camp more inclusive to participants of all shapes and sizes.

Beaver High Adventure Base

NRA funded range

Scouts shooting at Beaver High Adventure Base NRA Range


This camp draws  in older youth, girls camps, and Scouts from across the nation with its high adventure programs. Last year, the NRA expanded the shooting range to give more youth an opportunity to participate. This year, the added guns gave EVEN MORE youth a chance to shoot, 1,004 registered youth to be exact.

Entrada High Adventure Base

NRA teaching

NRA supports proper teaching methods

This unique camp located near Moab provides Scouts the opportunity to engage in a variety of desert programs. However, traditional Scouting activities are also available. The donations from the NRA assist in making some of those activities possible. This camp features strenuous activity and extreme conditions, but now shooting is not one of those.


Tifie Scout Camp at Mountain Dell

NRA sign

Tifie, thanks in part to the NRA, continues to be one of the most updated and diverse camps in the council.

In addition to swimming in the olympic size swimming pool and playing on the COPE cube, Scouts have the opportunity to test their sharpshooting skills. The added shotguns helped serve the 917 Scouts who registered for shooting activities at this camp over the summer.

Maple Dell

NRA Funded Archery Range

NRA Funded Archery Range

Maple Dell is the oldest, busiest, and most beloved of all our camps. Attending this camp is a family tradition that fathers love to pass down to their children. But, this continual use means updates must frequently be made to this camp.

The NRA donated funds for a new archery range. It is currently only a few holes in the ground, but our team is hard at work. Stayed tuned the next couple of weeks for a construction update about this project.

If you or your family has participated in any shooting sports at camps, the generosity of the NRA Foundation made it possible. So, A BIG Thank you to the NRA Foundation Grant for bettering our camps and creating lifelong memories for thousands of young people in Utah.


Have any personal experience of shooting sports at camp? Let me know in the comments!


Author: Julia Thompson | Grant Writer, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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