By Ann Shumway
Sep 19, 2018

October Merit Badge Fest: Merit Badge Adventures at Camp JJ

Camp Jeremiah Johnson is a beautiful camp where troops can enjoy a fall overnighter (or fathers and sons)! Jeremiah Johnson hosts some of the best Scouting experiences, and we invite any and all to attend this special Merit Badge Adventure in October. Bring your Scout and/or troop for a night of camping and an opportunity to earn merit badges required for rank advancement. This adventure will be held Friday and Saturday, October 12-13th, 2018.

  • Friday -only classes include Radio ($10) and Citizenship in the World ($10).
  • Saturday -only classes include Sustainability ($10) and Fishing ($10).
  • Friday and Saturday -classes include Cooking ($20) and Mammal Study ($15).

*Pre-requisites will be emailed to leaders when registrations are received. Make sure your Scouts come prepared and ready to work on the next steps toward earning their merit badges!

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Enjoy a night of camping and a weekend of merit badge classes.


Scouts can choose from the following merit badges: cooking, mammal study, radio, citizenship in the world, sustainability, and fishing.


Classes are geared toward youth working on their Eagle or who have an interest in the subjects being taught.


Friday and Saturday classes:

  • Cooking – $20/youth, $10/leader (if leaders are eating)
  • Mammal study – $15/youth

Friday Only classes:

  • Radio – $10
  • Citizenship in the World – $10

Saturday Only classes:

  • Sustainability – $10
  • Fishing – $10


Each merit badge will have pre-requisites. These will be emailed out to leaders when registrations are received.


  • Health form (for youth and leaders)
  • Blue card for each merit badge youth hope to complete
  • Camping equipment
  • Food and cooking equipment (Cooking MB is exempt)

SCHEDULE (October 12-13, 2018)


  • 5:00pm – Check-in
  • 5:00pm – 6:30pm – Set up and Dinner
  • 6:00pm – Cooking Merit Badge begins
  • 6:30-9:00pm – Other merit badge instruction begins
  • 10:00pm – Lights out


  • 8:00am – Breakfast/Clean up camp – Cooking MB begins again
  • 9:00am – 11:30am MB Instruction
  • 12:00pm – Clean Up/Check-Out – Lunch (by Troops)


  • The camp general store will be open for snacks and basic camping supplies.
  • Please encourage your youth to not wear shorts.  Once the sun goes down it’s quite chilly.  They will also need a jacket.
  • Food, if desired meals are available for purchase)
    • Hot Dog Meal (served at 6pm on Friday) – $5
      • 2 Hot Dogs, chips, cookie, soda, string cheese, apple>
    • Breakfast (served at 8am on Saturday morning) – $5
      • Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, sausage, milk
  • Camp store will be open for snacks and treats


$5.00 per Breakfast – Saturday Morning
$10.00 per Citizenship of the World MB Only – Friday Night
$10.00 per Cooking – Adults
$20.00 per Cooking – Youth
$10.00 per Fishing – Saturday Morning
$5.00 per Hot Dog Meal – Friday Night
$15.00 per Mammal Study – Friday Night and Saturday Morning
$10.00 per Radio MB – Friday Night
$10.00 per Sustainability MB Only – Saturday Morning

Register here today!

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Author: Ann Shumway | Camp Director at Camp Jeremiah Johnson, Utah National Parks Council

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