By John Peterson
Jul 30, 2018

Popcorn Time! Sell Popcorn to Cover Scouting Costs

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Looking for a way to help fund your child’s Scouting addiction? Trail’s End popcorn sales are back! Sell popcorn to help cover your Scouting costs, whether you sell as a unit or as an individual Scout. Money raising opportunities have been made available for all Scouts and should be taken advantage of.

Can LDS Units Sell Popcorn?  Yes! Read the highlighted article for more information on selling popcorn in LDS units. When you do sell as a unit, the Scouts are not only earning money for their unit (1/3) and the Council (1/3), they are earning prizes for themselves! Prizes include 8″ tablet, Cub Scout utility knives, scooters, slime-balls, walkie-talkies, lanterns, and more! Units can sell door to door and do storefront sales. So call up your local grocery store and ask permission to set up a table and sell!

Unit not selling popcorn? That’s ok! Sell as an individual Scout and earn money! When a Scout sells as an individual they will earn 50% of their sales. The money will be put on a Council gift card and can be used for all sorts of Scouting things, such as the Scout shop, Scout camp, jamboree, NYLT/Timberline, etc. 25% will go to the Council and the other 25% goes back to Trail’s End. Even better, Scouts can sell online! Now grandma in Florida can purchase her lightly salted popcorn online without hassle. Boys can even post their selling accounts on social media. Popcorn sales have never been so easy for a Scout and it’s year-round. Sell when you need to!

For more information and flyers for popcorn sales, see below:

Selling as a Scout unit: 

  • Sale in person – Door to Door, etc
  • Storefront sales – Scouts can take advantage of busy stores and set up a table just outside the doors. Be sure to talk with the store and get proper permission.
  • Sales begin August and end November
  • Sign up through the Utah National Parks Council
  • Boys earn prizes while the pack earns money! (1/3 of sales goes towards the unit, the Council, and Trail’s End)
  • Scouts have a chance to earn the Galactic Collection Patch!

Selling as an individual or family:

Is your unit not selling popcorn? That’s ok! Scouts can still sell individually and earn money!

  • Boy earns 50% of sales – money goes onto a Council gift card that can be used for Scout camp, jamboree, Timberline, NYLT, Scout shop, and more! (25% to Council, 25% to Trail’s End)
  • Scouts have a chance to earn the Galactic Collection Patch!
  • Sale online:
    • New Online Selling System – Scouts tell their story with personalized fundraising pages.
      • Upload photos and videos.
      • Write a short bio about their Scouting adventures.
      • Go viral! Send emails, texts, and post to social media.
    • Quick and Easy
      • No product delivery – Products ship directly to consumers.
      • No money collection – Supporters make purchases with credit cards.
      • Minimal time commitment – Can be used in addition to any existing fundraiser.
      • Available year-round – Earn money when you need it!
    • New Online Product Line
      • Exciting new products exclusively online!
        • Sweet Caramel with Sea Salt Popcorn
        • Milk Chocolate Pecan Clusters
        • 24 Pack Movie Theater Butter Microwave Popcorn
        • Aged White Cheddar
        • Premium Caramel Corn with Almonds, Cashews and Pecans
        • Simply Salted Popcorn
        • Medium Roast Coffee (Ground & Single Cup)
        • Dark Roast Coffee (Ground)
        • 32-Count Campfire Blend Coffe K-Cups
      • Scouts can REGISTER their online selling accounts and begin selling anytime at TRAILS-END.COM

John Peterson


Author: John Peterson | District Executive, Iron Horse District, Utah National Parks Council

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  1. Darryl AlderDarryl Alder

    This is great! As a new committee chairman for my troop, team and crew I want to sign up. But how? where’s the link to the Council Website? I can’t find it


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