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By Madison Austin
Feb 28, 2018

Community Members Learn About New Camp at Public Forum in Eagle Mountain

new camp community members

Community members attend the public forum about the new camp

On Thursday, February 22, 2018, a public forum was held in Eagle Mountain regarding the plans for the new camp that will be constructed in the area. Members of the Council staff met with community members to share details and answer questions. While the attendees showed a lot of support and enthusiasm, they also brought up many great questions. If you missed the meeting or have more questions about the new camp, keep reading to find out the details.

Why a new camp?

new camp map

This map shows the location of the new camp in Eagle Mountain

The Utah National Parks Council serves around 85,000 youth and 44,000 adults. These members span across all of southern Utah, from Lehi to St. George. Of these members, 103 LDS stakes will be within an hour of the new camp. This location, the UNPC’s 13th camp, is being built to serve the growing Eagle Mountain community and brings easy camping opportunities to more groups and families than ever.

Because our council serves so many youth, this camp is also being developed in order to allow more youth to attend summer camps. With additional camp space, more youth than ever can attend. In addition to traditional Scouting groups, our camps are also available to church groups, families, girls camps, youth conferences, weddings and more.

What features does this camp have?

The new camp is expected to have quite a few features available within the first year. Here is what’s projected for 2018:

Water Infrastructure

A water system will be available throughout the camp. This will feed into fire hydrants and sprinkler systems, kitchens and restrooms.

Fire Road

A gravel fire road will be built around the entire camp. This is an important line of defense against any brush fires that could move toward both the camp and the Eagle Mountain community. It will also keep any campfires contained within the camp. The road loops all the way around the camp property, which also acts as a sound barrier to keep noise minimal for the durrounding neighborhoods.

Parking Lot

Parking will be made available along the northeast road and inside the same corner of the camp. The parking will be designed in a way that best eliminates traffic in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Shooting Sports Pavilions

Three shooting pavilions are planned to go in this year. Archery, rifle and shotgun shooting will be available to approved groups. All BSA shooting ranges follow strict safety measures and are inspected yearly by the BSA. This ensures that the risk of fires due to shooting sports is not a threat.

new camp stake activity centers

Council staff member Nick Hutchinson explains plans for the new stake activity centers at the new camp

Stake Activity Center

The Stake Activity Center will be a brand new, fire-proof structure available for large and small groups. The center will house a fully-functional kitchen, a septic system and solar power. The activity center also features an outdoor amphitheater where groups can gather for all sorts of activities.

Primitive Campsites

Primitive camping is currently available at the new camp, however, more permanent campsites are planned. Campsites will include parking spaces for 1-2 cars, a tent space, US Forest Service certified campfire pits and picnic tables.


While the camp will feature primitive campsites, 5-10 cabins will also be available this year. Cabins will be portable in order to accommodate different group sizes in different areas.

What’s available now?

Currently, service projects and primitive camping are available at the new camp.

To schedule camping or plan a service project for your group, contact Nick Hutchinson:

If you would like to participate in the development of this new camp through donations or through labor/skilled trade, contact John Gailey


Q&A Answers 

At the public forum last week, Council staff answered the public’s questions. You can read them here, and hopefully get answers to some questions you may have as well. 

Can I apply to work at the new camp? – Yes! Both youth over the age of 14 and adults are invited to apply. You can apply here: New Camp Staff Application 

What is the shade like at the new camp? – The camp property is about the only place in Eagle Mountain that has shade. Much of the camp will be heavily shaded, although some spaces will have less shade. There are many juniper trees, some that are 20’ or higher. A lot of shade will also be built in with the addition of pavilions.

How does the new camp affect access to BLM land? – We are currently working on a solution that will allow easier access to Pole Canyon. Currently, access is available via the road north of camp.

Will there be a swimming pool? – Currently, there are no plans for a swimming pool. However, the Council would love to work towards plans for a pool with city planning. 

How many Stake Centers are planned? – Two larger stake centers and three smaller ones are planned. Portable cabins can be moved around camp and grouped at these stake centers to accommodate different group sizes. 

You Could Name the New Camp!

The new camp has yet to be named! If you have a great idea for the Eagle Mountain camp, leave a comment below this post and share what you have. Who knows, your idea could become the name for the brand new camp!

Positive Changes

Council CEO Dave pack speaks to members of the community about the new camp at last week’s public forum

Overall, community members were excited about the new camp. Especially when council staff explained the proposed plans for a zip-line that crosses the whole camp. Cub Scouts in the audience said they were looking forward to seeing a COPE course there as well.

Although this new camp will bring some changes to the community, we believe that it will be a positive experience for community members and the Council. We look forward to the growth of Scouting in the Eagle Mountain area and are grateful for all of the community support we’ve received so far. 

For more information, check out this article about the new camp:

Announcing New Camp Opening in Eagle Mountain




Author: Madison Austin | Marketing Associate, Utah National Parks Council 

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    I like the name “Camp X” for the new camp. It sounds mysterious and e”X”treme. Does anyone else have ideas about what to name the new camp?


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