By Melany Gardner
May 02, 2018

Scout Me In and Scouts BSA: How the Program Name Change Affects You

Today the Boy Scouts of America unveiled the new name of the Boy Scout program, changing it to  “Scouts BSA” for older boys and girls ages 11-17 to ensure all youth feel welcome and can see themselves in Scouting. With a scheduled launch on Feb. 1, 2019, boys and girls in separate troops who are part of Scouts BSA will be known as Scouts. Just as before, these Scouts will earn merit badges, go camping and work toward the Eagle Scout Award. 

“Scout Me In” is the new campaign that features family Scouting in its iconic Cub Scout program for the first time. Starting this summer, all kids are invited to say, “Scout Me In,” as they join the fun, adventure and character-building opportunities found in Cub Scouts. The campaign presents the Scouting experience that speaks to kids and parents by putting them in the middle of the action and fun of Scouting. 

See BSA’s original press release for more information: The BSA Launches Historic ‘Scout Me In’ Campaign Inviting Girls and Boys to Experience Adventures Through a Cub Scout’s Point of View

What Do These Changes Mean for Scouts in the Utah National Parks Council?

Honestly, not much. The choice to implement family Scouting is the choice of each chartered partner. Our largest chartered partner, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has announced they will not implementing this change at this time. Other chartered partners may choose to include all-girl Cub Scout dens starting June 11, 2018. Here’s a story of the 4 units in our council that have already adopted family Scouting through the early adopter program

In fact, in the Utah National Parks Council has served young women for years through our properties and programs. For example, last year we had 20 combined girls camps and youth conferences at various camping properties. 5,400 Activity Day Girls enjoyed Cub Scout adventures at Camp Jeremiah Johnson in 2017. We also had our first all-girl Klondike at Maple Dell Scout Camp. 

Click here to register your young women for camping adventures.

The Utah National Parks Council offers a variety of programs from Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts to STEM Scouts, Exploring and Venturing. Our chartered partners are in the best position to decide which programs most appropriately meet the needs of their youth. We provide support, training, materials, and venues for our partners to use the programs they choose. 

We are grateful to all our chartered partners and are excited to continue to serve all the youth in our area.

Questions and Answers About Scouts BSA

Q: Will the name of the organization change?

A: No, the organization’s name will continue to be Boy Scouts of America.

Q: When will the change from Boy Scouts to Scouts BSA be effective?

A: The scheduled launch date for Scouts BSA is Feb. 1, 2019.

Q: What will the members of the program be called?

A: Scouts — same as today. A boy or girl might say, “I’m in Scouts BSA. I’m a Scout.”

Q: Will the Boy Scout Handbook be updated to reflect the new name?

A: Yes.

Q: What does the change to Scouts BSA mean for Venturing?

A: Nothing about Venturing will change. The BSA’s program for boys and girls ages 14 to 20 (or 13 and done with the 8th grade) will continue as normal.

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Author: Melany Gardner | Marketing and PR Director, Utah National Parks Council

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3 thoughts on “Scout Me In and Scouts BSA: How the Program Name Change Affects You

  1. AvatarClint lawton

    My ward has been doing pine wood durby and cub scouts day camp for the activity day girls for years…this is great news, but not a change at all.

    Let’s all go to camp eagle mt. With all our girls and boys!

  2. AvatarMichael

    Question. Any word on if the Rank requirements will be changing? I’m assuming all girls will be able to earn their ranks?

  3. AvatarMerinda Reeder

    Updating language only, but the requirements will remain the same for all cub scouts. For example, the Webelos Outdoorsman adventure will get a name change to be inclusive.


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