By Annaleis Smith
Jan 28, 2015

What a Scoutmaster Needs to Know About Webelos

There are a few things that every Scoutmaster (or 11year old scout leader in an LDS Troop) needs to know about the changes coming to the Cub Scout program this summer.  A Scoutmaster probably won’t care about the new advancement model or the fact that it’s going to be more fun for boys and simpler for Cub Scout leaders, but he might be (in fact probably should be) very interested in what the boys will be learning during their Webelos year. Webelos

Take a look below at just one of the seven adventures that the boys will be completing to earn their Arrow of Light rank and you will see how well prepared they boys will be when moving up to the troop. Below are the requirements for the Arrow of Light’s required adventure called Scouting Adventure: ( Be sure to take note of #2 and #4 – they involve you!)

1. Prepare yourself to become a Boy Scout by completing all of the items below:

a. Repeat from memory the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan. In your own words, explain the meaning of each to your den leader, parent, or guardian.

b. Explain what Scout spirit is. Describe for your den leader, parent, or guardian some ways you have shown Scout spirit by practicing the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout motto, and Scout slogan.

c. Give the Boy Scout sign, salute, and handshake. Explain when they should be used.

d. Describe the First Class Scout badge, and tell what each part stands for. Explain the significance of the First Class Scout badge.

e. Repeat from memory the Outdoor Code. In your own words, explain what the Outdoor Code means to you. images-93

2. Visit a Boy Scout troop meeting with your den members, leaders, and parent or guardian. After the meeting, do the following:

a. Describe how the Scouts in the troop provide its leadership.

b. Describe the four steps of Boy Scout advancement.

c. Describe ranks in Boy Scouting and how they are earned.

d. Describe what merit badges are and how they are earned.

3. Practice the patrol method in your den for one month by doing the following:

a. Explain the patrol method. Describe the types of patrols that might be part of a Boy Scout troop.

b. Hold an election to choose the patrol leader.

c. Develop a patrol name and emblem (if your den does not already have one), as well as a patrol flag and yell. Explain how a patrol name, emblem, flag, and yell create patrol spirit.

d. As a patrol, make plans with a troop to participate in a Boy Scout troop’s campout or other outdoor activity.



4. With your Webelos den leader, parent, or guardian, participate in a Boy Scout troop’s campout or other outdoor activity. Use the patrol method while on the outing. 


5. Do the following:

a. Show how to tie a square knot, two half hitches, and a taut-line hitch. Explain how each knot is used.

b. Show the proper care of a rope by learning how to whip and fuse the ends of different kinds of rope.

6. Demonstrate your knowledge of the pocketknife safety rules and the pocketknife pledge. Earn your Whittling Chip card if you have not already done so. 

Please note that these are the requirements as they are currently found online at  It is possible when the new Webelos Handbooks are released in May 2015, that some of the wording may be slightly different.  The official requirements will be what is printed in the handbooks.



Author: Annaleis Smith, Council Cub Scout Chair.

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