By Kevin Hunt
Jan 12, 2017

Second Class Milestone on the Eagle Scout Trail

You’re now a Tenderfoot Scout!  (And maybe no longer a Gnubie!)  You can sew that new badge on your shirt and wear it proudly. It’s time to proceed to the Second Class milestone on the Eagle Scout trail. But, you can’t go from Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout in one big jump.

So, what’s you next step?   It’s that Second Class badge.   Remember the goal you set at the Scoutmaster Conference? Well, now go work and make it happen. Here’s some tips for making it easier.

1. Set Goals. Set some short-range goals in order to achieve the Second Class badge.  Be specific.  Devise a plan to accomplish each task by the date you set.  Before you know it, you’ll be ready for your next board of review.

2. Be active in your troop.  You’ll probably be able to complete many of the Second Class requirements with your patrol or troop.  Just be sure that you attend each troop meeting, activity or camping trip.  And if you need some extra help, ask your patrol leader again for his assistance.  He’s probably already a Second Class Scout, so he’ll be able to teach you the skills he’s already learned.

3. Enjoy the journey. As YOU Work toward Second Class, you’ll have a lot of fun. The experience is extremely useful!   You’ll learn more knots, first aid, and other skills.  You’ll get to go on another hike, and you can help cook the meals.  Learn all you can as you do each of the Second Class requirements. Those skills are all very important. They’ll help you be a good Scout, and they’ll help you prepare for other fun outdoor adventures.

4. Be committed.  Your commitment is half of the battle.  Once you say you’ll do it, it will probably happen. Say again, “I AM going to be a First Class Scout!  I WILL be an Eagle Scout!”

You’ve been to one Board of Review already, so now you’ll know what to expect at this next one.  Be sure to review the Oath and Law again, however, and don’t forget to wear your full uniform.  You’ll want to look your best.  Your Second Class review will be pretty much like the one you had for the Tenderfoot badge.  Just relax and tell the Board of your Scouting experiences.  Explain to them what you like about Scouting and what you have learned.

At some point in the review, they’ll again ask you what your Scouting goals are.  They may just ask if you want to be an Eagle Scout.  Either way, you can be ready for them.  Say it with real conviction:  “I AM going to be an EAGLE SCOUT!” As you hear yourself say it, it will help you convince yourself that you CAN do it.  Say it again to yourself, “I AM going to be an EAGLE SCOUT!” .

Second Class … a milestone on the Eagle Scout Trail!

Best Wishes on your Scouting Trail!

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