By Utah National Parks Council
Aug 29, 2014

Silver Beaver Award Ceremony

Utah National Parks Council,Boy Scouts of America  will hold its Annual Silver Beaver Recognition Saturday, September 13, 2014,  in ceremonies from 2:00–4:00 pm. This event will be held in

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931

The Silver Beaver Award was introduced in 1931

the Alpine Tabernacle, 110 East Main Street, in American Fork, Utah.

The Silver Beaver Award is the council-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America. Recipients of this award are registered adult leaders who have made an impact on the lives of youth through service given to the council.The Silver Beaver is an award given to those who implement the Scouting program and perform community service through hard work, self sacrifice, dedication, and many years of service.

This year’s recipients include:

DISTRICT                  NAME

  • Alpine                                   Michael Robertson
  • Alpine                                   Lissa Bangerter
  • Alpine                                   Gary A. Vaughan
  • Alpine                                   Merle Samuel Gish, Jr.
  • Alpine                                   Aaron Weaver
  • Arapeen                               Carl Larsen
  • Arapeen                               Gary Reid
  • Arapeen                               Roger Thomas Ogden
  • Arapeen                               Douglas E. Christiansen
  • Bryce Canyon                    Klin R. Chynoweth
  • Bryce Canyon                    Raymond D. Roundy
  • Black Diamond                  John D. Smiley
  • Black Diamond                  Kelly Troy Woodbrey
  • Black Diamond                  Spencer Y. LeFevre
  • Cedar Breaks                     John Wayne Patterson
  • Cedar Breaks                     Lief J. Condie
  • Cedar Breaks                     Gary Howe
  • Cedar Breaks                     Robert E. Groke
  • Great Basin                        Eddy K. Corbridge
  • Great Basin                        J. Weston Warner
  • Great Basin                        Vickiann Mitchell
  • High Uintah                        Don DeCamp
  • High Uintah                        Kim Hicken
  • High Uintah                        William Chad Perry
  • Iron Horse                          Wendy Verlyn Wiltbank
  • Iron Horse                          Samuel G. Liddiard
  • Iron Horse                          Paul Jay Strong
  • Iron Horse                          DeLaun Adams
  • Mount Nebo                       Bryan C. Mathews
  • Mount Nebo                       Mark Meservy
  • Mount Nebo                       William M. Boardman
  • Mount Nebo                       Cindi Ellis
  • Orem                                     Kerry C. Shaw
  • Orem                                     Nathan Wood
  • Orem                                     David Luke
  • Orem                                     Hiley M. Kotto
  • Orem                                     Sue Smith
  • Orem                                     William Ray McKnight
  • Orem                                     Janell Lowry
  • Orem                                     Brian Jarrett
  • Orem                                     Jeffery L. Smith
  • Orem                                     David Nuttal
  • Orem                                     Cynthia M. Jones
  • Porter Rockwell                Charles Christensen
  • Porter Rockwell                Deborah Lynn Gulledge
  • Porter Rockwell                Kirsten Johnson
  • Porter Rockwell                Dan Lincoln
  • Porter Rockwell                David John Christensen
  • Porter Rockwell                Jeffrey S. Taylor
  • Provo Peak                          Steve Sabins
  • Provo Peak                          Jeff Lougee
  • Provo Peak                          George I. Monsivais
  • Provo Peak                          Edward Sanford
  • Provo Peak                          Boyd Brady
  • Provo Peak                          Allen Black
  • San Juan                               Thomas Palmer
  • Snow Canyon                     Roy Nathan Taylor
  • Snow Canyon                     Charles Walker
  • Snow Canyon                     Stephen Dempsey
  • Snow Canyon                     Russell Irvin Barney
  • Snow Canyon                     Darrin Ivie
  • Snow Canyon                     Woodrow W. Wagner III
  • Snow Canyon                     Anthony T. Randall
  • Tavaputs                              Darla Jean Anderson
  • Tavaputs                              LaRae Jensen
  • Timpanogos                       David P. Harding
  • Timpanogos                       Alfred S. Liddle
  • Timpanogos                       James L. Peters
  • Timpanogos                       Leslie Duane Langford
  • Timpanogos                       Douglas Cook
  • Timpanogos                       JoAnn S. Liddle
  • Wasatch                               Dan H. Matthews
  • Zion                                       Jack L. Wasden
  • Zion                                       Robert J. Wood
  • Zion                                       Dwaine Joseph Holland
  • Zion                                       Deon J. Martin
  • Zion                                       Barbara Hulet
  • Zion                                       Patricia Dean Last
  • Zion                                       Stephanie Peck
  • Council                                 Rushford M. Lee
  • Council                                 Barbara Smith
  • Council                                 Blake Barney
  • Council                                 Reed Mellor
  • Council                                 Susan Lee
  • Council                                 Ron Taylor
  • Council                                 Bob Parchman
  • Council                                 Doug Christensen
  • Council                                 Eric Maynes
  • Council                                 R. Ross Boothe
  • Council                                 Wayne Mangleson
  • Council                                 Ray Chipman
  • Council                                 Paula Call
  • Council                                 Jay Laurence Call
  • Council                                 Richard Harris
  • Council                                 Richard Brunst
  • Council                                 Tammy Sue Brunst

Anyone may nominate any deserving registered Scouter to the council, which selects recipients for the following year. Each council processes their own annual allotment of Silver Beaver awards and sends a list of recipients presented each calendar year to the National Court of Honor. The award is then presented by the National Court of Honor on behalf of councils.

Congratulations to our 2014 Silver Beavers

Joanne Reinertson2Author:   Joanne Reinertson, CAP | Executive Assistant to David C. Pack, Scout Executive, Utah National Parks Council, BSA



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