By Pualani Graham
Aug 10, 2016

Springdale Scout receives Medal of Merit before entering the MTC

On July 27, 2016 at 11:30 am, I was honored to present a Medal of Merit to a young man, Allan Madsen from Springdale, Utah. Allan was entering the Missionary Training Center at 1:00 pm that same day.

Let me tell you what happened on February 11, 2016 at the Comfort Inn in Orem, Utah.

MTC Medal of MeritAllan’s wrestling team was in Orem for the Utah State Wrestling Championship. In Allan’s own words, “I was just getting ready to go to bed and was weighing in myself for the next day when I was going to wrestle. That is when I heard a lady screaming for help. Not knowing what I would face, I ran as fast as I could towards the lady’s room. As I entered first, I was shocked to see her husband dead in his chair. My coach and I searched for a pulse and came up with nothing.”

“We lifted the man off of the chair and put him onto the floor. As we began CPR, I searched for a pulse while trying to comfort the wife. After about 10 minutes the man opened his eyes and seemed dazed as he began to dry heave. We turned him on his side so he could breathe better. EMT’s arrived 15 minutes later. The man was stabilized and thanked me and my coach. I know that if my coach and I were not there the man would not have lived.”

Ryan Christiansen, the head wrestling coach at Hurricane High School in Hurricane, Utah gives his account of what happen around 9:00 pm on that February 11th night.

“Thursday night I heard a lady yelling for help. I was in my hotel room and upon hearing the lady yell, ran out to assist whatever was going on. When I got into the hallway Allan and a couple of wrestlers were already running towards the lady yelling to help in whatever was going on. Allan was running to help even though he didn’t know what the situation might be.”

“I arrived at the lady’s hotel room door right after Allan did. We observed a man sitting in a chair whose appearance was that he had passed away. Allan and I ran to the man and each checked for a pulse and breathing. The man was not breathing and there was no pulse. Upon this discovery me and Allan, with the help of another wrestler, picked him up and placed him on the ground.”

“I performed chest compressions while just Allan continued to monitor for breathing and pulse. Allan continually communicated to me this vital information. We performed CPR for about 10 minutes. The man started breathing and his heart started working again. He regained consciousness though a little confused. The man started to dry heave and Allan helped roll him on his side to avoid having his airway become obstructed. Allan also did a great job comforting the man’s wife who was the lady yelling for help.”

MTC Medal of Merit“After the man had left in the ambulance, Allan played a big part in comforting the other wrestlers who witnessed the two of us performing CPR. I watched Allan be a leader to the other people and wrestlers around him. Allan remained calm and did everything that was expected of him. Without Allan’s help, the man would not have survived the incident. He was the epitome of what a great Scout should do in that situation. Some qualities that I witnessed from Allan that night were: fearlessness, courageous, leadership, empathy, love, a teacher, an example, and Scout. Because of Allan, a family still has their husband, father and grandpa. I am proud of Allan and the man he is.”

I was very impressed with Elder Madsen when I met him in person. He had taken a CPR class in high school and knew immediately what needed to be done and moved into action very quickly and saved a stranger’s life. There is no doubt in my mind that he is going to be an awesome missionary. He has been well prepared through the Scouting program. He will be such a great example to all that he comes in contact with. He will meet many strangers in The Philippines and he will serve them well.

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Author: Pualani Graham | Advancement Chair, Utah National Parks Council and Boy Scouts of America | Advancement News

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5 thoughts on “Springdale Scout receives Medal of Merit before entering the MTC

  1. AvatarAndrew Olsen

    Wow! What an impressive story! Thanks to Allan’s quick thinking and acting on the training he had he was able to save that man’s life. Thanks for sharing this story Pualani!

  2. AvatarJon Bies

    Great story of what being prepared is all about. The award was well deserved! Thanks for sharing this story Pualini.

  3. AvatarTniels22

    Wonderful to see the great acts coming from scouts in our own community. What a blessing he was there and able to save that man’s life!


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