By Kelly Frey
Sep 11, 2017

Little Philmont Shows How Stake Presidents Can “Be There” for Their Scouts

Over the past weekend I got to attend Little Philmont at Tifie Scout Camp in Mount Pleasant, Utah. Overall, it was an amazing experience. At Little Philmont, local Stake Presidents are able to connect with each other as they receive instruction on Scouting and leadership skills. Speakers like Elder Dale H. Munk of the Seventy, who spoke this past weekend, and other leaders of the Church offer tips and advice on how to best incorporate the Scouting program within their stakes and how to be great mentors for the young boys they are responsible for.  

All of the speakers who attended were amazing, but the talk I want to focus on is that of Brother Heyn. 

Brother Heyn, who sits on the General Young Men Presidency Board, emphasized the importance of getting to know your Scouts on a deeper level and also allowing them to get to know you as a leader. He gave attendees three points of advice to follow:

  1. Be With Them
  2. Connect Them to Heaven
  3. Let Them Lead

To illustrate these points, Brother Heyn alluded to the story of “The Good Shepherd.” You can watch it below:

Brother Heyn talked about how young men and women struggle during their teenage years as they try to find out who they are. He said it is especially urgent at this time that Scouts know that they can talk to their leaders and ask them for help about anything they need, without any fear of judgement. Young men and women can’t always see their full potential and may not know the extent of the Savior’s love for them, which may cause them to wander and become as lost sheep. So, Brother Heyn instructed, it is up to the leaders to make sure that all of the youth are accounted for and listened to. By doing so, each youth can have someone to turn to for advice, better understand who they are and who they can become, and feel the Savior’s love for them.

As I look back on my experiences as a young women in my teens, I remember how I felt like a lost sheep and didn’t know where I was going.

But, I received help.

I had great leaders that saw me struggling and reached out to me. Even though they couldn’t solve my problems, they were there to comfort and talk to me. Those little gestures of my leaders reaching out to me made a big impact on me as a youth. That is why leaders need to get to know their youths as individuals and know what is going on in their lives so that leaders can make positive, even life-changing, impacts. Get to know your youth and ask yourself what you know about what is going on in their lives every month.

Brother Heyn also shared a quote from a video that says “It is only through the tough times that you learn.” He encouraged leaders to help their youth understand this concept when they are going through difficult times.

In closing this was an amazing conference, on of which every Stake President should make a priority to attend in order to be better equipped with skills to help their youth excel in Boy Scouts and in their personal lives.

Stake Presidents can register their stake for an upcoming Little Philmont at the following link or the following dates:

Attend Little Philmont to Discuss Changes in Older Boy Programs and Best Practices


Author: Kelly Frey | Program Assistant, Utah National Parks Council, Boy Scouts of America

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