By Adrian
Sep 16, 2015

The Amazing One-Minute Eagle Project

This project happened last year at our father-son campout at a campground up near Coalville, UT that is co-owned by several Methodist Churches. Pinecliff Campground is one of our favorite camping spots and we typically try to plan our father-son campout there in the Spring to welcome our new rookie Scouts and their dads, as well as a few moms.

OK, I have to be honest, it did take more than 1 minute to actually DO this Scout’s Eagle Project. But we’ve managed to do something interesting. We managed to capture the entire project in a one-minute time-lapse video.

Traditionally, our Troop tries to plan in some service work during this campout. During this particular one, Reed Hunter, one of our then-Life Scouts, decided to re-build a wobbly staircase on the back of one of the cabins for his Eagle Project. It worked out perfectly because we had a great crew of Scouts and adults on hand to help with the project.

Our former Committee Chair, Dave Coupal, had the foresight to set up a video camera on a tripod with a time-lapse setting to capture the whole afternoon. Actually, my favorite part of the video is about halfway through when the boys come strolling through the frame to do a “Charlie’s Angels” pose with the power tools. Goofy guys!

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”1″]

But at the end, when you can actually see the staircase come together, it’s really cool to see. Congrats to Reed on the completion of a great Eagle Project.

The Amazing 1 Minute Eagle Project

Reed is the Scout with the glasses, on the right.

Adrian_Webversion_2013_04_closeupAuthor: Adrian |  Adrian is a blogger who is passionate about helping parents with parenting tips, managing their finances, and organizing their homes. She has a full-time job in the financial industry and is part of the leadership of Troop 411 at Hilltop United Methodist Church in Sandy, UT.


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4 thoughts on “The Amazing One-Minute Eagle Project

  1. AvatarAndrew the Great

    It is really neat to see the good that can come from just one Eagle Scout project. It would be neat to see more movie clips of other projects that have happened. It is interesting that in the Utah National Parks Council we have on average 2,400 to 2,600 Eagle Scouts each year. That represents thousands of hours of service back to the community, in addition to the number of service hours that are given annually by the 90,000 plus Scouts in the Utah National Parks Council. Keep up the good work Scouts!

  2. AvatarMelissa Boren

    Congratulations Reed on the completion of your Eagle project! It’s rare that we get to see an Eagle project in motion so it was cool that your Committee Chair had the foresight to set up his camera! Thanks again to you and your Troop for your service!

  3. AvatarSusan Harmon

    Great project! Love watching the time-lapsed video. That was great thinking. Eagle projects do so much for our communities. Countless hours are donated with each project. Congratulation Reed, and all of those who helped you on your project. It was a job well done!

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