By Darryl Alder
Sep 14, 2017

The Boy Scout Handbook, an Unusual Book for Preppers

One online dictionary defines a prepper as “a person who believes a s likely to occur in the future and makes active preparations for it, typically by stockpiling food, ammunition, and other supplies.”

In the last few weeks we have all witnessed terrible destruction around the country. This has has given my wife and I pause; we have the standard 72 hour kit, but it is 20 years old and our food storage is out of date too. And,since we live along a river, our new house needs an updated evacuation plan. In all, we may not be as well prepared as we once were.

Reflecting on these recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and flooding, I came across this YouTube video:
Wow! Where have I been all these years never thinking of my good old Handbook as a Prepper’s Guide, but there it was right under my nose.  

For example, Chapter 4 covers basic first aid, including a CPR primer.

First Aid for Your Phone

If you have a smartphone or other iOS device you can download the “First Aid” app by American Red Cross.” (This app is only available on the App Store.

I especially like the checklists for updating my personal and family first aid kits. This chapter also covers “the first-aid method,” hurry cases, basic first aid techniques (including info on this cool Red Cross app), splint, bandages, slings, rescues, transporting the injured and staying safe at home. 

Other chapters cover poisonous and edible plants, how to read the signs of severe weather, how to prepare for tornadoes and hurricanes, how to make camp and live comfortably outdoors, how to dispose of waste and dig a cathole latrine, how to pack trail food, use a pocket knife and GPS (or map and compass), clothing if you are stuck outdoors, how to cook outdoors and how to use stoves or build campfires.

In our area, there are many families that follow counsel to be prepared, but around the country it is becoming a vogue thing to do. While there is no real agreement among preppers about what disaster is next, they join other preppers readying themselves for all kinds of catastrophic disasters or emergencies. However, using the  Boy Scout Handbook is an essential tool for any prepper.

Author:Darryl Alder |  Strategic Initiatives Director, Utah National Parks Council.

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One thought on “The Boy Scout Handbook, an Unusual Book for Preppers

  1. Maloree Anderson

    My brother and his family fell victim to Hurricane Harvey. They were in the area where they weren’t supposed to get hit but within hours their home was under four feet of water. They were evacuated twice from their safe spots and lost everything. It really hit home that I needed to be prepared for my own family for situations like this. You just never know! I’m grateful that Scouting is a resource for being PREPARED!


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